Loving You back to YOU

Loving you back to YOU isn’t just a catchy tagline; it’s what I do, my passion, my purpose, my mission, what I eat/sleep/breathe, and the greatest thrill of my life. But, what does it mean?

Others have told you what to do since you were a child. At one point, it was actually necessary. Like many things, what was once necessary became a matter of habit. You did what the ‘experts’ told you, took their good advice, and now find yourself in an unfulfilled life. Something is missing. Maybe you can’t even define it; something just isn’t right.

It’s time to come back to the only expert that has ever existed in your life… You. You’re the only one who has been here the whole time, every waking and sleeping moment. You are the only one with ALL the facts of You. Yet, you haven’t trusted You in so long that you’ve forgotten how.

 It is my JOY to LOVE YOU BACK to living in the energy of Joy, Love, Flow, Compassion, Authentic Bliss, and so much MORE.

Loving you back to You begins with an introduction to who you really are, not who you were told to be and continues to an unconditionally loving space for you to explore the beliefs that got you here, discover what gives your life the greatest meaning, connecting to your ultimate source of guidance, and learning to navigate that mysterious path no one has walked before… your path.

Lovingly walking with you as you come home to You, that is my role. Watching as you shed the parts of life that have become too small to hold you and step into the vastness of your own unique possibilities is my greatest thrill. I give you the gift of complete acceptance until you are able to give it to yourself.

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