What Are You Waiting For?

Terrible Thing to Wait RichardKadreyWritingPageI posted something on Facebook last week about lack of money and its relationship to waiting.
This visual speaks to a deeper aspect of it for me.
I have caught myself waiting “until I’m ready.” It was always one more certification, or degree, or level of experience, or piece of knowledge. As a Life Coach, I often see others doing the same.
Something broke in my waiting game when I began watching successful people. They wait, but not for the same things. They wait for their instincts to say “GO!” then hammer down, ready or not.
Fuck “Ready.” There is no such thing.
It’s a free-fall off a high-dive. I will stand at the top of that platform and piss down my leg waiting to be ready. Or, I’ll jump and figure it out on the way down.
The water is hard, way harder than it looks.
I’ll either figure out how to stick the landing, or I’ll get hurt.
I know. Experience.
The first time I got up on a high-dive, I climbed back down and all the kids laughed at me. I didn’t care. It really did scare the piss out of me.
It wasn’t their laughter that made me jump. It was my own anger at myself. I was angry that I had missed out, not because I couldn’t do it, but because I let fear win.
I gathered myself and climbed that ladder again.
The jump was exhilarating!
In case you’re curious, I did not land well. The pain did not last and I learned a lot through the experience. And, the experience was worth the pain.
Life parallels are unmistakable.
We’re all learning as we’re going. Part of getting ready actually happens after the leap. It continues after the landing. One experience gets us ready for the next. In the great balance of life, all of my experiences have been worth the pain.
I invite you to consciously consider, “What are you waiting for?”


Image credit: Richard Kadrey’s Writing Page


  1. A great post! I agree. I jump THEN I always figure out how to use my wings. I’ve NEVER hit the ground. 🙂 Flapping your wings in the nest to “practice” is NOTHING like flapping your wings to save your ass from hitting the ground. haha

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