Value of Coaching: To Know You

If you really want to see me cry, tell me the truth of who you are and then ask for permission to be that as if it’s not okay. Without realizing it, that’s exactly what one of my coaching clients did today.

I rarely use assessments in my coaching. Most assessments I’ve seen, from Meyers-Briggs to Myss Archetypes, put people in boxes. I’ve yet to meet a human who feels fully comfortable living life in a box. Most people who experience Assessment also experience at least a modicum of, “Yeah, but…” as part of them doesn’t resonate with who the assessment tells them they are.

Rather than assessments, I use the Coach for Life model of Accessment. Yes, I know that’s not a word. I hope to see that change in my lifetime. My experience shows that when people Access who they truly are at their very essence and understand their innate value, worth, and intrinsic goodness, entire lives shift for the better. Not just their life, either. All the lives around them shift, too.

That’s what is happening for my client. We’ve worked together for over a year. When she first came to me, I don’t think she knew herself at all. She knew who she was TOLD TO BE, but I don’t know that she had ever met her essential self. Meeting the essential self is an exploration process. It doesn’t happen all at once. As profound as the beginning realizations are, there are many layers to who we’ve been told we are and the process of getting to our essence requires time and integration.

My client has been processing for over a year. The work is as intense as you choose, and she was going gangbusters. So much so that she had to take a vacation from it for a little while. When she felt ready, she began again and we went through the Accessment process again. This morning, she sent an email with the results of a coaching exercise. She had written what was true for her, but didn’t trust it was the “right” answer. And yet, she also wrote this,

I’d have to say I feel so much better now…seeing me. on paper.  Tremendous lift to my day.”

That is one value of coaching. The tremendous lift of seeing you as you really are, not as you’ve been told you are. It is a setting free, a liberation from the confines of a make-wrong life. You are not wrong and you never have been. You are not who “they” said/say you are. You are perfectly, uniquely, wonder-fully you. That is why I use an Accessment method, because it is only through Accessing the amazing truth of you that you can live your authentic life and be the human you came here to be.

Ask any Coach for Life coach. We’re the only ones trained in this model and our clients have the most amazing growth rates of any coaching model I’ve experienced. As the President of the International Coach Federation for a European country told me after experiencing this model, “I’ve never experienced anything like that. I never thought coaching could take me there.” That statement was made by a highly trained and experienced coach after our very first session. When you’re ready to experience this for yourself, contact me or see Coach for Life’s Hire A Coach page.

Blessings to you as you become more and more authentically you. Stay tuned. I’ll be sharing some of the exercises I use in my coaching practice so you can try them on at home. My life purpose is facilitating awareness and connection. Connecting you to yourself is where all connection begins. And, it gives me great, big, happy tears when I get to witness that connection.

Love someone today, would you? Extra points and a cherry on top if it’s that wonder-fully unique expression of life known as you!

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