Accidental Manifestations

All kinds of sucky things manifest when I’m resisting. Monday morning, I manifested a severe tire leak. Normally, I would have simply taken the spare vehicle, but I apparently manifested the heater core leaking radiator fluid into the passenger compartment of said (newly repaired) spare vehicle. I don’t care for the things I manifest when when I’m not being honest with myself about priorities. They’re often expensive and highly inconvenient.

I’m sure these things would look like coincidence to some, but situations of this ilk occur so frequently in my life that there is no choice but to admit my part in manifesting them.

I first woke up to my penchant for Accidental Manifestations over a decade ago… I started a particular day resenting the seven clients I had on my schedule; on a very deep level, I really needed a day off and wouldn’t give myself permission to take one.

The first call came 30 minutes later, “Joanna, I can’t make it today. My car won’t start.” I wasn’t even irritated. I had an extra 90 minutes to yawn, stretch, play with my pets, sip coffee, read a little of the paper, then leisurely prepare for client #2. Except, my second client totally forgot her appointment. At the time, I remember thinking it was radically out of character for her. Then, the same thing happened with the third. Another client’s child got sick and had to be picked up from school. And so on, until EVERY client for that day had cancelled. I can’t remember the minor catastrophes that caused the other three to miss their appointments, but I do remember thinking that I could have saved everyone, including myself, headaches by simply cancelling everyone off my day when I knew that was what I needed. I had wasted a whole day sitting around waiting for people to not show up AND I could have been at the beach!

I admit, I’m a slow learner. That was a decade ago. I have been agitated for a week because I haven’t had time to write. With two vehicles down, guess what I had time for? (I also need to state that I own that I hadn’t MADE time to write, but that’s a topic for another day.)

There is a mix of frustration and laughter in my fingers as I type. Feeling into the experience, it goes something like this: At first blush, I feel frustrated because I didn’t get things done that were on my schedule. When I get honest with myself,  I’m actually happy I had the time to write, and the only thing I couldn’t get done was easily rescheduled. But, part of me really wants to be angry about it. Now, that’s interesting. I’m back to my habit of anger, so I’m cued to remember the possibility of “What if I choose to set anger aside and be in curiosity?” In the middle of all of this, my Guydes are playing Coach and pointing out that I’m actually getting to write, and coming up with more topics as I’m writing, including the topic of feelings as habits. They’re productive little pests, my Guydes!

Yes, my Guydes get to play in this, too. It seems they get to play in everything. While their interference is annoying at times, I know that they keep me out of a lot of the trouble I would get into whilst wandering through life on my own.

One of the frightening/exciting things about living as a mystic is that there are no good maps. Everywhere I go, I’m wandering. I’m creating maps as I go, but they only show how I got to where I am, not where the paths will lead. Based on my maps and other people’s experiences, I can make logical predictions, but logic simply isn’t correct all the time. If it was, scientists wouldn’t need to run experiments, and neither would the rest of us.

I’ve run the Accidental Manifestation experiment enough times to know that Accidental Manifesting is definitely a thing. When I really need to be doing something else and won’t cop to it, life and its contents will break, fall apart, and otherwise spiral out of control until the only thing left is whatever I have been resisting.

This is NOT the kind of manifestation I want to be doing, but it is real. It’s also one of the things I’ve witnessed standing between others and their ability to manifest their desires, thus it is a worthy topic of discussion in a blog dedicated to Manifesting.

We’re not done with this rabbit trail. I’d love to see your thoughts on, and experiences with, Accidental Manifestation in the comments below, as well as your questions, and suggestions for future articles.

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