Leaning in to let it go

What a GRAND word!
The way one thing MAGICALLY becomes another!
Such PROMISE! Such HOPE! Such ROMANCE! Such…

Such a thing as Metamorphosis requires that thing called

And Change, well, that’s a fearsome thing.

And change, it doesn’t come free.
Change requires a Decision.
And Decision requires Courage, and Action, and…
And it all looks like it could destroy everything that I hold dear, and my whole self along with it.

And, in a way, it does.
Change/Metamorphosis destroys what ‘was’ to allow what’s ‘next’ to take form.

As I wonder where the Courage to face Change comes from, a little voice in my Knowing whispers… “Experience. It’s ok. You’ve lived through the letting go before. You can do this. You can do this. You are safe, and whole, and loved, and we want something even better for you. We love you as you are, and want even better for you.”

Tears… Letting go…

The tears are fear, because the familiar was Familiar, and Familiarity is Comforting. I don’t know what’s next, and I don’t know why that still scares me after all the Change I’ve been through, but it does.

And, I reach into that voice and the memory that with every change, I have spread my wings a little more into the wide, blue sky, and roamed a little more into the vast, blue deep. And, I hold tightly to the memory that what is Good is greater than any fear.

And, I take a deep breath and lean in.

Love someone today, would you? Extra points if it’s you. <3 <3 <3

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