Awareness and Shift in Action

Life isn’t about what happens to us, it’s about how we respond to the happenings.

The A/C company just came and took the wall unit that cools the main area (living room, dining room, kitchen) of the house I’m currently living in.
They had promised a replacement “rental” unit for the time it would take to repair this unit. Turns out, there are none available. They don’t have anything that will fit into that space.
They also said they won’t know what they need to repair it until they get it into the shop. It could be a few days. It could be a few weeks.

I experienced moments of anger, followed quickly by the awareness of my choices. (The value of practicing awareness cannot be overstated!)

  1. I could choose to be angry and let this ruin the next few days or weeks. That’s a lot of my life to throw away.
  2. I could choose be in acceptance of what is, reject the offered fight with reality, and simply be with what is here now. This is where I usually find unexpected blessings.

Given that my anger won’t make the house cooler, or me either, I’m choosing to see what is in this experience for me. It’s not about denying that anything is wrong; it’s about being aware of all options and choosing the one that makes me feel the best. And, I’m not just accepting, but celebrating!!! I choose to find what I can celebrate because in my experience, celebrating creates an energy that brings good things to me. Besides, I’ve lived without a/c before. I already know I can do this.

I bought my first home in Florida at the peak of summer. Immediately after, the a/c failed. It wasn’t just a wall unit; it was a central unit that was supposed to cool the entire house. The unit was old and beyond repair; replacement was the only viable option. The a/c failure wasn’t the only thing that happened. I was laid off from my job two weeks after closing. (Note the blessing: Had I been laid off before closing, the financing for the house would have been rescinded. I was able to pay the mortgage, accrue equity, and live happily until it was time to buy an even better house!) I lived without air conditioning for nearly a year in a state known for its heat and humidity. I survived. And, I saved the money to put in new air conditioning during that time.

Celebrate!!! This is a rental; I won’t be paying for this repair!
Celebrate!!! It’s a few weeks, at most, not a whole year!
Celebrate!!! All 3 bedrooms have wall a/c units that work just fine! I can pick a cool spot!
Celebrate!!! Things could be so much worse. This really is a first world inconvenience.
Celebrate!!! This is inspiration to count my blessings!!!

Awareness is a magical tool. It beckons the shift in perspective that allows me to choose hardship or opportunity from the same set of circumstances.
What opportunities are beckoning you today? If you’d like help shifting from the uncomfortable, feel free to comment about your situation in the section below this article!

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