Authentic Connecting – a journey

“Creating a life that is full of authentic connecting is a lot like growing a garden. It takes intention in the beginning. The irrepressible force of life, the immense vitality of life, is what brings those plants up through that dark earth and into the light.” ~ Shayla Wright
Authentic Connecting
People ask me how I have connected with so many like minded people. Until I read Shayla’s quote, all I knew to say was, “I put myself out there.”
It really was more like the garden of her analogy.
The experience was really lonely and painful at first. I felt very alone, cut off from others. The people I had known, they went on with their lives after I chose to shift my way of being. I had no friends for a time, no one to talk to, no one to help me figure out what was happening.
I just kept walking my path.
That was where I planted the seeds, though I didn’t know I was doing so at the time.
It was rough and lonely, yet that path was all I had.
This is the intention Shayla talks about. This is all I have. This is where I must be. I will tend this garden.
One by one, I found like-hearted souls along the way.
They felt lonely, too, and different. Somehow, we were all cast out from the rest of the world.
I know we choose this path, but sometimes it feels like it chose us and won’t let go.
Fast-forward to today… My journey is full of amazing people! Some have found their tribe on the path; some are at that lost space of beginning.
I get to help them on the way, to let them know others have felt this, and it will all be okay. It will be better than okay. It will be amazing… soon.
I don’t walk the path for them.
I guide.
I walk with them.
I hold the light and the knowing, and then, one miraculous day, they hold their own light and KNOW! They have found home, and it is within.
That is my day of CELEBRATION! And, so are all the days to come. They run ahead, sure of their purpose, swift in their calling, aware of all that is in them and all that is to be. 
And another comes to take their place for guidance.
It all has purpose, the running ahead, the walking, the resting, the knowing, the being, the doing, the everything.
My garden is in full-bloom. It is self-seeding. The life force truly is irrepressible, vital, and abundant.
The journey isn’t always easy, sometimes it seems to take forever.
Some days, there is more to harvest than I could have ever imagined!
Most times, it is quiet, abundant, contentment.
Whatever the experience of the day, this journey is SO WORTH IT!


  1. So lovely to read your post just now on the TWT page Joanna. I’m excited that we can continue getting to know each other in these ways, and then dive in again when we come together in February. Your website is beautiful and I feel a deep resonance with your writing and your work.

  2. Beautifully written! I am deeply grateful for the many times you have held the light and knowing for me.

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