My Mentors Aren’t Perfect

I’ve reached the stage where I’m aware that my mentors are not perfect, not every ounce of the legend is true, they’re human (just like me,) and that is okay.
As a matter of fact, that is just perfect.

If they’re human just like me, I get to be human, too.

I know that there are people who look up to me because they’ve put me on a pedestal and created a legend about me.
Sometimes I stay on the pedestal for a little while, because I know they need that difference in elevation to pull themselves up. My weight gives them a little balance.

My default choice is to stay off the pedestals and de-fabilize the stories.
You don’t need me to be better than you for you to be better than you are.
I know this because I don’t need anyone to be better than me for me be better than I am.

No one is better than anyone.
We’re all human, we all have flaws.
Sometimes it helps if we are working on a different part of life.
Sometimes it helps if we are working on the same one.

We’re all working on something.

If someone has loved you (trusted you) enough to show you their flaws, treat them as your own. Respect their journey, protect their wounds, strengthen their weak spots, help them to heal.
No one needs someone else picking at their wounds. We all have done that well enough on our own.

It a big world out there. We can be judgmental, or we can be love. It’s a choice.

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