Listening to Guidance

Waaaaay back in 2006, I had an experience that would eventually lead me to Life Coaching. At that point in my life (it seems centuries ago,) I had not even heard the term ‘Life Coach.’ I was walking through my office one day and heard an audible voice say, “It’s time to change careers.” I knew I was alone in the office, and really didn’t think it was strange that I heard an audible voice, as I’ve always received messages and had heard an audible voice once before.

In all of my infinite wisdom (where is the SARCASM font when we need one???) I looked up at the ceiling and responded, “Not right now. I’m finally making good money.”

I mean, really, what was I thinking? An audible voice? I chose to ignore an AUDIBLE voice?

My experience, and a little research, have brought me to the conclusion that an audible voice is reserved for those last ditch efforts when Guidance absolutely MUST get through.

Since that time, I have adopted the belief that everything happens for a reason. I’m believing the reason I ignored an audible voice was so I would understand the opposite extreme as well, that still, small, oh-so-easy-to-ignore whisper of Guidance.

And, learn I have. I lost the use of my right hand and had serious health issues as consequence of my infamous “Not right now.” I lost my business, my home, and my investment property. I lost relationships. I went through bankruptcy.

Everything I lost doesn’t hold the tiniest candle to what I’ve gained.

I did change careers. Twice. Why twice? Because I didn’t listen to the quieter voice that gave me about 8 million warnings on my first choice. That’s okay. That happened for a reason, too. A friend of mine was a private investor in the company I went to work for. I saved him a few hundred thousand dollars by informing him of their actual business practices. I also learned what those, “STOP! LOOK! DON’T GO THERE!” messages look like. It’s funny how much clearer things are in the rear-view mirror of life.

My Guidance had already realized that I wasn’t the trusting type. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t trust Guidance, as I didn’t trust MYSELF to hear and interpret the guidance correctly. I can only imagine the way they must roll their eyes when I ask for yet another confirmation that I heard them correctly. Or, maybe they don’t and that is pure projection on my part. Either way, I’m getting better at listening and they’re getting better at giving me clear direction.

When the message came through about Life Coaching, it was accompanied by a very visceral sensation of a bank vault tumbler falling into place right in the middle of my belly. I got a physical message in my gut that this was right on.

When I met The Sweetheart, Guidance cloaked him in the form of an Angel. All I could see was a very tall, glowing, white angel, complete with wings, walking toward me across the parking lot. My own infinite wisdom at work, I muttered, “Thanks Guys, but I actually need to see who I’m meeting here,” and shook my head to clear the image. Thankfully, I didn’t dismiss that message so easily. Of course, that was almost six years after the audible voice faux pas and I had had enough time for that lesson to sink in.

Guidance has gotten really good about letting me know when I’m on the right track. What can I say? I’m fairly Pavlovian. Consistently reward me and I’ll consistently perform.

For instance, I thought I should take on a roommate. After all, I live in 1100 square feet and frequently visit The Sweetheart. A roommate would make sense on so many levels. The roommate I found was also a coach, into natural health, and seemed like a good fit in so many ways.

The night before he was to come for the interview and view my home, I had a queasy feeling. Something was not right about this situation that looked so right. I looked at my cat, Buddha, and told him that he would be the one to let me know if this was right or wrong. He hid the entire time my potential roommate was in the house. I even got out a bag of his favorite treats to bribe him to come out. The best I could get was a baleful stare from around the corner of the couch at the opposite end of the room. He was having none of it.

After my interviewee left, I knew it would not work. I wanted it to, though. A roommate made good sense. In the end, I contacted him to let him know that he would have to look elsewhere. I simply needed my space to myself.

That was the message I had gotten in meditation. I was to keep this place as a sanctuary, a haven where I can have all the alone time needed. I felt selfish and self-indulgent keeping this whole place to myself when someone else could have benefitted. My conditioned ‘shoulds’ came up all over the place; I should share, I should be practical, I should think of others, I shouldn’t be so selfish, Buddha should have company when I’m not home… Yada yada yada.

I stuffed the shoulds and listened to Guidance. I kept my space for myself, even though I could have used the money. That was a week ago. Today, I did a two-hour massage on a new client who was referred to me by a client I haven’t seen in over a year. Yes, this is one of those out-of-the-blue things. He rebooked for a three-hour massage next week, and has a prescription to have a massage once per week. I take that as Guidance reminding me that I never have to worry about where it’s going to come from as long as I keep doing what I am supposed to be doing.

Listening to that oh-so-small-and-easy-to-ignore voice is getting easier. The carrots they keep dropping along the path in front of me help, too.

Where are you with your Guidance system? Have you met your Sacred Self?
If you need help with either, it is an honor to do what I do. I’m here to help if you need it.

Blessings, Love, Light, & Laughter!

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  1. When i WAS YOUNGER, i ignored ‘the voice’ all the time, and each time ended up in heartbreak.
    Now I listen, and it has and always is to my benefit.
    People may think I;m crazy to say that sometimes i “hear things”, and yet I believe God / and/or the Light Angels do transmit information that is in our best interest as souls.

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