Unwashed Feet and Revised Priorities

I recently went twelve days without washing my feet. No, I wasn’t going for some kind of hygiene record. I had surgery to remove bunions from both feet, and a surgical hemorrhoidectomy the day before that. Again, I wasn’t attempting any records. Life simply helps me to revise my priorities in the most interesting ways.

To answer the obvious question, WHY would I have two serious surgeries in two days? My ex decided to cancel my insurance at the end of January instead of the end of the year as we had agreed. It would be useless to make up a story about why he did that, so I’m choosing the simpler path of acceptance. All things medical had to be addressed quickly.

Of course, I have managed to find the gift in the goat. Had things gone according to normal medical procedure, I would have had three separate recovery times, one for each foot, and one for the pain in my rear. Gloriously, I have only had to take one stint of time off work, and that is where the revised priorities come in.

I have been working as a Massage Therapist for a company in order to make ends meet while I’m working on me and listening for what I really want to do with myself. Except, I wasn’t just making ends meet nor was I doing a great job of listening. I was killing my body, losing focus on my passions, and burning myself out. I had gone to such an extreme with the working (doing) that I won an award for the most service hours performed in a month at that facility.

Ironically, the reward for working too much was a pair of movie tickets. Hmmmm… give a pair of movie tickets to a workaholic. When will she use them? Oh, yes, irony is a beautiful thing, and certainly helps me laugh at my foibles.

Meanwhile, back at my skewed priorities…

I was working my hands into oblivion, with no time to promote my Life Coaching practice, write for my blogs, work on my book, and no time to get together with friends. Insert unhappy face here.

Enter my podiatrist and a six-week respite from standing work.

I’ve taken this as a message from the Divine that it is time to ponder, reflect, work or play on what I want to, and refocus on what I want to create in my life.

I realized that I was chasing money instead of my passions. Not that that was such a bad thing at the time; without disability insurance, what I had been doing resulted in having sufficient money in the bank to cover my expenses during an extended medical absence.

Everything happens for a reason.

It didn’t take more than a few days to realize I would be perfectly happy to never go back to that office again. Over the past few weeks, I have had a few more epiphanies.

I don’t want the twenty coaching clients I thought I wanted. I really only want ten coaching clients. That way, I’ll have time for the many other passions I enjoy: facilitating webinars, meditations, and hypnosis; writing my blog; getting my book finished and published; creative exercise; playing in and on the water; spending time with my Sweetheart; and travelling.

Yes, sometimes I just need to slow down enough to take a close look at my life.

As a matter of fact, I’m finally understanding that is one of the keys to a life well-lived. Slowing down and taking a good look around, even if it means being uncomfortable for a short period of time. How much better to be uncomfortable in the short term than to look back and be uncomfortable with the way I spent my life.

How do you slow down?

When do you take time to reflect?

I’ll make you an offer. If you’d like to take the time to look at your life, your passions, your purpose, and your highest good, I’ll give you a 50% discount off my normal coaching rates. The offer is good through 3/13/13. It’s a win-win situation. I get one coaching client closer to my goal, and you get closer to your ideal life! Hoorah!

Blessings to you! May you have clean feet and clear priorities!

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