Temple Offerings

I realized just how much my diet has changed during the nine days my son took care of me after I had multiple surgeries (more on that later!)

He brought me fresh-brewed herbal tea each morning, changed ice packs throughout the day, helped me from room to room, and to the car when we needed to go out. He took such good care of me that I was able to fix several of our meals during his stay.

One lazy morning, I decided we would have cereal.

I layered our bowls with honeyed oats, puffed millet, and frozen organic blueberries, then left them on the counter while the berries thawed. After the thawing was complete, I topped both bowls with pumpkin seed/flax granola and poured in almond milk.

My son helped me get propped back up in bed with my feet elevated and iced. We munched happily for a few minutes before he commented, “This completely destroys my idea of cereal.”

“How so?” I queried.

“Cereal is supposed to be something simple and quick that you eat when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time for anything else.”

Something about that statement made me very sad.

The things we do to ourselves.

We get in a hurry and don’t have time. No time for self-care, no time for love, no time to rest, no time to enjoy, no time to savor this fleeting little life. How very sad.

It also brought up the idea that our body is a temple, and is to be treated as such.

How many times have I laid nutrition-deficient fast food burgers and fries at the feet of this altar? How much grease, sugar, refined, processed, and unloving foods have I shoved into this temple to quell its rumblings for nourishment?

It’s been over five years since I discovered my sensitivities to gluten, and nearly a year since I discovered my dairy sensitivities. I completely abstained from gluten for four years and dairy for six months. While I can have small amounts of each without large problems, I am still very careful about what I eat. My body won’t have it any other way.

Would the way you handle food be any different if you looked at your food as an offering to whatever or whomever you cherish most?

Would you make different selections?

Would you consume the same amount of fast food, or would you take the time to seek out lovingly, consciously prepared foods, or even make them with your own two wonderful hands?

I know my answers. I’d love to read yours.

Blessings, Love, Light, & Laughter! May your temple be lovingly tended with offerings of the most wonderful kind!

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