Sometimes it is Life and Death

The work I do is truly a privilege and an honor.
Not many understand the work of a Life Coach.
Sometimes, it is literally life and death, though that is the exception.
Today, I had the honor of walking a young woman through a decision that will undoubtedly affect the rest of her life.
One week ago, she found out she is pregnant.
The baby’s father told her he would pay for an abortion.
She didn’t know what to do.

But, underneath all of the shoulds, doubts, and fears, we always know.
That is the job of a Life Coach. To get under the detritus and get to the truth.

She found hers.
Afterward, she confessed that she had known it all along.
Her decision is hers. It is based and founded in her truth.
Turns out, she had hints of it during a coaching session just over a year ago. She had merely forgotten.

Reminding you of what is true for you.
Coaching at its finest.

Yes, it is a privilege and an honor. Humbling, sanctifying, and somehow very holy.
I love my work.

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