Resistance is Futile

Resistance… that is NOT what I sat down to write about this morning.

Of course, I sat down to write at about nine o’clock this morning. It’s a little after five in the evening and these are the first words I’ve managed to choke out for this blog.

Oh, I’ve written. I wrote a grocery list, notes for my next coaching session, titles for about twenty blog posts I’d like to write, emails, replies to Facebook fans, and a few dozen other things.

Of course, that is how resistance works when it leans toward the passive aggressive side of the spectrum. I can hear its whiny little voice of protest, “But I AM writing!” and the snide little comment after, “just not what you want me to. ::snicker::”

Judging Resistance as wrong is an ingrained reflex. Putting that aside is a learned behavior. Without the acid of judgment, Resistance reveals her origins. She’s a frightened little girl, not wanting to be punished for doing something she’s been told not to do.

You see, I received my Life Coach certification from an organization that is spiritually based, yet focuses on training coaches for the mainstream population.

If you haven’t noticed, I left mainstream a couple decades ago.

Or, maybe you haven’t noticed because Little Miss Resistance has been putting up quite a fight against revealing that fact.

But, with the help of my skittish little companion, I digress.

(Come here, Miss Resistance; let’s show the nice people what we’ve been hiding.)

Ignore the wailing. She has no faith that you’re really one of the nice people. Just give her a few minutes to get to know you, ok? She’s used to being bitten, and she’s more than twice shy.

As I was saying, the coach training I experienced focused on mainstream, therefore there were specific instructions given:

1)  DO NOT tell people that you are going to be helping them find their innate gifts and talents, those wonderful traits that they came to share with the world.
2)  DO NOT tell people that you will help them find what inspires them most, what lights their fire, makes them want to get out of bed in the morning, and makes life sweeter than they ever could have imagined.
3)  Most of all, DO NOT tell people that you will be helping them find their Life Purpose, the real reason they are here.

(See, Miss Resistance, we didn’t tell them any of that, we just said that we aren’t supposed to tell.)

Yeah, that worked like a charm. NOT!

Okay, so I’m now dragging Resistance, kicking and screaming. I’m telling you anyway, and she will just have to watch and have the experience that  the Coaching Police will not be coming to take us away, because at this point she has absolutely no faith in me.

Now, she’s reminding me of the first time I told someone that I would take them to their Life Purpose, Innate Gifts and Talents, and Intrinsic Soul Nourishment in the first two hours of coaching. It went something like this:

Start with the look of surprise in her eyes, followed by, “Wait, you can tell me why I’m here, what I’m here to do, and what will help me do it?”

“Actually, no. I can’t tell you those things. I can help you discover them. That’s why it’s called a Discovery Process.”

“Wait. You’re telling me you can tell me my Life Purpose, why I’m here, what I’m here to do, and how to get it done in TWO HOURS?”

“Um, no. But I will help you to find it.”

“Wait!” (theme here?) You can get me to my Life Purpose in TWO HOURS???”

“Well, yes. That is my job.”

I think this is where Little Miss Resistance wets her pants. The look on the woman’s face was somewhere between astonishment and rage.

“I’VE BEEN TRYING TO FIGURE THIS OUT MY WHOLE LIFE AND YOU’RE TELLING ME YOU CAN DO IT IN TWO HOURS??????” (Sorry, it actually sounded bigger than that, but this blog template only comes with a few font sizes.)

“Well… it could take up to three.”

That is actually how the conversation went. She never hired me. Gee, maybe I shouldn’t have told her. Or, maybe she just wanted to wait.

Anyway. The cat is out of the bag, and there’s nothing else for Miss Resistance to do here today. She’s gone to take a nap… curled up with her blankie, her binkie, and a nice bag of ice on her head. Poor thing. I’m sure she’ll find something else to muck about with once this shock has passed. I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, if you’re ready to find your Life Purpose, Innate Gifts and Talents, and Intrinsic Soul Nourishment, please contact me (my info is in the upper right corner of this page.) How much easier would every decision be if you just had one sheet of paper with your Life Purpose, Innate Gifts and Talents, and Intrinsic Soul Nourishment all spelled out? It’ll take about two hours, maybe three. I call it Your Unique Prescription for JOY! And, it’ll be lots of fun.

Gotta run. Sounds like Little Miss Resistance might upchuck.

I don’t remember anybody saying I wasn’t supposed to let you know it could be fun.

Oh! I almost forgot! I’m offering a 50% discount on all Coaching through 3/13/13. It just keeps getting better!

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