Relieving Performance Anxiety

I find it ironic that opening my laptop can create a mind-numbing experience of performance anxiety for me. After all, I can get up on a stage and speak to a room full of people with only with five minutes’ notice. How could opening my laptop be more intimidating than that?

Questions like that are the core of coaching. I’ll share my answers with you, so you can get a feel for how easy it is to work through the challenges of life when we slow down and take a minute to examine what’s behind the reactions.

First of all, what does opening my laptop represent?

When I open my laptop, I am getting ready to write. There is an important message to be delivered, and I want to get it right.

Sounds a lot like public speaking, doesn’t it? So what is the difference?

When I do public presentations, I actively promote audience involvement. I get ongoing feedback from my listeners and tailor the conversation to follow what is most important to them in the moment. When I’m writing a blog post or something for my book, I don’t get that feedback. It’s hard to know if I’m on the right track and addressing what they are most concerned with.

Interesting, but something about that last sentence doesn’t really ring true.

Hmmmm, okay. “It’s hard to know if I’m on the right track and addressing what they are most concerned with.” No, that’s really not true when I stop for a moment. It’s actually very easy to know, but it requires that I shift my focus.

In a speaking event, I am actively engaged with the audience in front of me. There is a great deal of energy passing in the room. When I am writing, other people are not involved until later, but there is other energy available. After all, the Divine is always with me, and always available for guidance. All I have to do is shift my focus to that energy.

What is the best way to shift the focus to that energy?

My first choice is meditation. Just closing my eyes, taking a few deep breaths, and reaching into the energy of the Divine is all it takes to re-center and ground myself. I just forget to do it sometimes.

What would be a good reminder?

Maybe putting a note on the outside of my laptop, “Connect with Spirit” would be nice. Ahhhhh! Deep breath. That feels good!

It really is that easy. Of course, your answers will be different. They are supposed to be, because only yours are right for you.

How would you have answered differently? What serves you to unstick yourself when you are stuck?

I’d love for you to share your thoughts!

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