Let it Rain

Throughout my life, rain has held huge and varied symbolism for me.

When I was younger, rain represented the angels crying the tears I wasn’t allowed to. Rain was also an excuse to flee the confines of the house in favor of running through puddles.

When I lived on the farm, rain was the enemy of our freshly-mown alfalfa fields and the one thing we prayed for when the corn was newly planted and the ground was dry.

As a homemaker, rain meant a day of baking breads and cookies, and making hearty stew to warm our home and bellies.

In my outdoor life, rain meant a good day of fishing or a night of soggy sleeping bags and no coffee in the morning if I wasn’t diligent in setting camp.

Rain has meant a lot of other things to me, too, but I may never see rain again and not think of abundance.

As I was meditating a few weeks ago, I got the message that abundance would be raining down on me soon. The beginning drops of a rainstorm ended my outdoor meditation, and sent me running for fascinated cover behind the protection of sliding glass doors. I watched the rain fall, inundating everything around me, knowing it was no coincidence.

Today did not begin well for me. It is rare for me to wake up in a funk, but that’s exactly how my day started. I knew that today was a “Me” day, so I wouldn’t be duty-bound to interact with others. I could simply feel what I was feeling and work through it.

By the time I called my coach this afternoon for our weekly session, instead of working through it, I had worked myself into a pretty good lather. I didn’t like something The Sweetheart said last night, I was having trouble with my appliances, and I was generally furious about the state of my finances.

The financial issue was the underlying annoyance factor, but I didn’t know that at the time.

As I spoke with my coach, I let her know that I just needed to vent for a few minutes. I went on to have a full-blown hissy fit at the Universe, my guides, and a Goddess. In the end, the anger was all at myself.

As all of this was going on, it began to rain. I let out a sardonic laugh and told my coach about the abundance message from a few weeks ago.

As I went on with my venting, ranting, and raving, the sun broke through and we had a full-on sun shower. It was really quite beautiful. In the midst of it, my call-waiting indicator went off. Being on a coaching call, I didn’t answer. I just acknowledged that it was one more thing to add to my general state of annoyance.

At the end of the call, I had not resolved my crabbiness, but I did have a game plan for getting that done.

The Universe, it turns out, had an even better game plan. That call that came in during the sun-shower? That was a client calling to hire me for a Self-Discovery Foundation Session and six months of Ongoing Coaching Support. Of course, he wanted to take advantage of the pre-pay discount.

Let it rain. It’s a great re-mind-‘er that I don’t know everything that is going on behind the scenes.

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