Just Try It

I was working with my own Life Coach today on how to effectively market and promote what I do, given that I don’t know what to call it and I don’t know anyone else who does it. (Seems like a great topic for coaching, doesn’t it?)

As we fleshed out different aspects of what I do, it became obvious that what I DON’T do is equally important.

I don’t disempower my clients. It goes entirely against everything I stand for to take someone’s power away from them by insinuating that I have their answers for them. Any act of a Life Coach telling a client that the coach’s truth is more valid than the client’s truth voids the coaching contract and violates the very tenets of coaching. Besides, telling is consulting, and that is not what a coach is hired to do.

As a Life Coach, I empower my clients by facilitating their connection to their own Guidance. I capitalize Guidance because it is a very spiritual thing for me. Even my clients who don’t believe in a higher power understand that their Guidance is a deeper thing than their own daily experience.
It’s very empowering to have the direct experience of Guidance. For many of my clients, it’s the first time they’ve experienced it at all. It returns the power and choice directly to the client, and puts them in charge of their own life. That is powerfully empowering stuff!

Remember, this is all coming through as I’m talking to my coach.

We came up with a list of things I do: Coach, Amplify Guidance (people hear their guides better when they are connected with me), Scribe (my clients often go so deeply into their Guidance that they cannot recall the experience without my notes), Intuitive (to catch the subtle shifts of energy and reframe what my client’s guides are saying), and Facilitating Awareness – body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

In the midst of the conversation, I informed my coach that I need to be aware of my food. She asked what that was about, and I told her that I’d eaten two Reese’s cups and opened a bag of M&Ms while we were talking.
Um, yeah, I do that stuff, too, and when I do, I know I’m treading into some really deep territory.

I looked at the M&Ms in my hand, placed them on my desk, and continued. My coach held the space for me to get into my own Guidance. (It feels a bit like pushing static aside until there is a clear bubble where I can hear.) I could feel my guides present in that space, and the first thing they did was acknowledge me for letting them be there. I wasn’t fighting them, and that was progress.

I fought my Guidance for years, but that is a story for another day.

They acknowledged me for letting them in, then told me to clean my house.


Clean my house?

Laughter is completely appropriate.

They weren’t being figurative, either. They wanted me to mop my floor.

I immediately began arguing with my guides.  I informed them that cleaning my house has nothing to do with earning a living.

No, it doesn’t, but it is one of the things I resist as being trivial, just like I resist other things that are part of creating my success.

How interesting.

Only because it was completely on point.

The M&Ms lost their appeal. When the root of a problem is exposed, coping mechanisms become irrelevant.

So, I made a list of things I’ve been resisting about my business, sitting in the quiet space of Guidance, because their whole point was to try it. Just try it and see what happens.

Isn’t that what I tell people when they ask what I do?
Just try it.

That was the connection. Everything is a process that begins at a point. All we have to do is try it. Start at that point.

Everything is okay.

Everything is happening perfectly.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen.

There is plenty of proof of that. All I have to do is look around. Then, just try it and see what happens.

Just try it.


  1. 🙂 🙂 Excellent!
    And very worth trying. Our guides always tell us exactly what matters when we are willing to listen.
    Thank you for reminding me to ask.

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