God is Celebrating

I’ve read much and had several conversations lately on the topic of God’s attitudes toward humans. Each person is entitled to their own experience and opinion, even me. In the spirit of that, I thought I would share mine with you and invite you to share what works for you.
Remember, my life purpose involves facilitating awareness. So, here we go, attitudes of “God,” according to Joanna.
I was raised in a very strict “Christian” church. My experience went something like this: “Go to church on Sunday, beat your wife and kids on Monday. If you can’t wait until Monday, please wait until the visitors have left the parking lot.”
That is exactly why I put the quotes around Christian. That is not a good example of a healthy Christian church.
The “beat your wife and kids” church taught that God was the ultimate punisher, waiting in the heavens with a big stick to whack us if He caught us doing anything wrong, or even looking like we were thinking about sinning. Any excuse for a good whack would do.
Willing to take bets on how much that image of God was a projection of the people who constituted that church?
Current Reality
It took years of healthy church, therapy, and coaching to unravel the damage of my childhood, but I’m happy to say it is mostly complete. I still have normal human issues, but I consider myself to be a fairly normal human, so I’m okay with that.
In the course of unraveling, I found a whole new Divine under all that mess.
It turns out that the God of my understanding is much more like a doting parent. Discoveries are celebrated! Messes are celebrated! First steps are celebrated! Even our most horrible screw-ups are celebrated!
Cause for Celebration
Let’s cover the easy parts first.
Discoveries – think of a parent when their child finds their fingers or toes for the first time. Babies, at that magical stage, can do no wrong. Normal adults turn into babbling, baby-talking, goo-goo heads in the presence of a happy baby. I really believe that God does, too, and we are all adorable babies to God. I believe that my excitement over my clients’ discoveries of new truths is only a small reflection of the enormous glee God showers on us as we uncover the truths hidden in our lives. It’s like a gigantic Easter egg hunt, with God celebrating each new discovery as we collect these new tools for life. Yipppeeee!!!
First Steps – have you ever witnessed a child taking its first steps? Better yet, have you observed the people around the child as those steps were taken? There is not a Superbowl champion on the planet who has more adoring fans, or whose fans remember the performance better. It really doesn’t matter what first steps we take as humans, from the first walking ones to the first day of school, to our first job, to the first apology, first realization, first awakening, first generosity. It just doesn’t matter what the first is, I believe that God celebrates all our firsts with the same fervor that healthy parents celebrate their children’s first steps.
Messes – Okay, now we’re getting into the stuff that’s a little harder to understand, mainly because most parents don’t model celebrating them. Can you imagine spilling a pan of water on the floor and someone authentically saying, “Oh, good! This floor needed to be washed!” with a great, big smile? It actually happened to me, and it threw me for a loop. Yes, even messes can be celebrated if we hold an accepting perspective. Messes mean we are trying. We may not be getting it right, but we are trying, and that ties right back to the celebration of first steps. Every sincere effort is celebrated. Wouldn’t it be great to celebrate them for yourself? It’s one of the things I help my clients to be able to do for themselves, and I see the results on a regular basis. When the sincere attempt is honored and accepted, trust, creativity, learning, and greater accomplishments are opened. My current favorite quote is from Zig Ziglar, “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly… until you can learn to do it well.” I believe it speaks to the value of messes. Messes are part of doing it poorly, which is the practice that leads to doing it well. Yes, I do believe that God celebrates messes.
Horrible Screw-Ups – Finally, the most challenging of all. But, why is it so challenging to think of God celebrating horrible screw-ups? You got it! We have almost no examples of this in our daily lives. When there are horrible screw-ups, people get investigated, go to jail, get killed, and other horrible things. There’s no celebration there, unless we go a little deeper. Horrible screw-ups, properly investigated, lead to enormous learning. Yes, the route is painful, but it’s the painfulness that makes the lesson stick with us for so long. Again, it’s a perspective shift from blame/wrong to acceptance/learning, and God celebrates what helps us learn and grow.
Yes, I do believe God celebrates all these things. After all, I’m not nearly as good as God, and I celebrate these things with my clients. Each celebration leads to more growth, more creativity, and new frontiers.
That’s my experience.
I invite you to share. What works for you? What do you celebrate about yourself? How has celebrating opened opportunities for you?

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