Benefits of Location Independence

Location independence means that meetings are not held in person. Meetings may take place via telephone, webinar, Skype, or any other practical method that doesn’t involve people being in the same physical location.

The benefits to me as a Life Coach, Hypnotist, Meditation Leader, Inspired Learning Facilitator, etc. are obvious: I don’t have to travel to a location; I have the option to work from my home or while visiting vacation destinations without any impact on my clients or income; I have much greater freedom and flexibility in my schedule, etc.

There are environmental benefits, too. As I choose to work from home, I have a smaller footprint in the environment by not taking up additional office space. I do not have to drive or use other fuel-consuming and pollutant-producing transportation to get to an office, nor do I have to heat/air condition/light additional space.

The most important benefits, however, are the benefits my clients experience. They not only get the obvious benefits of not having to travel to my office, fight traffic, spend money on gas, etc., they also receive significant, though not-so-obvious and much more important, benefits.

I have worked with clients in California, Colorado, New York, Maryland, Peru, Canada, and so on. One of the big benefits of location independence for my clients is that they can choose the best practitioner for them, without having to settle for whatever they can find in their local area.

The most significant benefit, however, is also the most often overlooked: Situational Reaction. Think of the conditioned response of Pavlov’s dogs.

As a long-time Massage Therapist, I often had clients come to my office very early, or even on days when they did not have an appointment, simply because they immediately relaxed when they entered that environment. They were so used to relaxing in that particular space that they had an immediate physiological reaction as soon as they stepped inside: heart rates and blood pressure lowered, muscles relaxed, breathing deepened, etc. They had become conditioned to react to the surroundings in my office. Think of a peaceful place you relax well in; that is exactly the experience I want my clients to have, and I don’t want them to have to come to me to get it.

My location independent clients find great benefit in having that reaction to surroundings that are within their own environment and completely within their control. They do not have to travel anywhere to receive the additional conditioned benefits of the work they do with me.

During coaching sessions, I take my clients to their most resourceful space. Most of my clients chose a particular place to be coached. One client worked from home and chose her bed as her coaching position. Within a few short months, she was so conditioned to be in her most resourceful space in that particular position that she would automatically go to her bed with her pillows, pen, and paper when she was dealing with a problem. After sitting for only a few minutes, solutions would begin to come to her. I have even had clients swear they could “hear” me asking them powerful, productive questions when they went into their coaching position.

The benefit of creating and maintaining your most resourceful, peaceful, productive space within your own environment cannot be overstated. In my opinion, it is the single most valuable reason to hire a location independent practitioner for Life Coaching, Hypnosis, Meditation, Energy Healing, or any modality that helps you to be your most resourceful and authentic self.

Curious as to how it would work for you? Try one of my group webinars or an individual session for yourself!

If you have experienced my location independent services, I’d love for you to leave your feedback here!

Blessings, Love, Light, & Laughter!

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