When Eagles Fly

The symbolism of the Eagle is inspiring. That awesome creature who soars to the highest heights with such great vision is breathtaking. The eagle embodies strength, tenacity, solitary power, stamina and grace.

But did you know that the eagle, the very icon of freedom and independence, positively will not fly until it is pushed from the nest?

Fledgling eagles will stay in the nest, begging for food, as long as the adult eagles allow them to. Eagles only fly when pushed.

People are like that, too. It can be scary and challenging to take that first unassisted leap. Thank someone today for the unceremonious shove they provided that caused you to find your wings. It was surely uncomfortable at the time, but look where you are now!

Blessings, love, peace and JOY!


  1. Cool…Perhaps the most aoewsme sight I ever witnessed in the wild was a large (probably approaching 7` wingspan) golden eagle swooping down on the back of a mule deer doe at about 8.500` on Mount Head in Alberta. The doe was driven into a clump of trees and it didnt come out while I glassed for about 15 minutes. The eagle didnt either.

  2. A great visual!

    Thank you Joanna!

    Love reading what you share.

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