Giving away the best seeds

I have had a truly amazing day. Today is my first day as a Facilitator for BELIEVE U. I have the honor and privilege to train people in the art of Life Coaching. I also received a phone call today from Peter Reding, co-founder of Coach for Life, where I received my Certification as a Life Coach. Synchronicity at its finest.

To say that it is the completion of a circle is a drastic understatement. You see, I went to Coach for Life to learn to be a Life Coach, but what I learned was so much bigger. I actually learned how to live.

Prior to Coaching, my focus was on the negative. I constantly pointed out what was wrong, and gave advice on how to fix it. I wasn’t picky about who I did it to, either. I directed the negativity and advice to everyone; me, my family, my co-workers, friends, neighbors, casual acquaintances… you get the picture.

The first principle I learned in Coach Training was to ONLY focus on the positive. That was a complete 180 from everything I knew. Then they told me that I couldn’t give any advice. (Advice is in the scope of consultants and counselors, not coaches.)

Metaphorically, I only had two legs, and they were knocked from under me on the first day of class. Thankfully, with those legs out of the way I could receive the new legs that have carried me to places I never imagined possible.

Coaching changed my life in a deep, profound, and lasting way. I now teach the proven, effective methods that created those changes in my life. As Peter affirmed, I’m giving away the good seeds. He told me a wonderful story; I’ll paraphrase it here.

There once was a farmer who consistently won top honors every year at the State Fair. Every year his produce was the best of the best. One day, someone was visiting the farm and saw the farmer carefully sorting seeds from that year’s crop. The farmer placed the very best seeds aside carefully, and put what was left into his own seed bins. Then the farmer divided the best seeds into portions, and asked the visitor if he’d like to go for a ride. “Where are we going?” the visitor inquired. “To give these seeds away to my neighbors,” the farmer replied.

“Are you crazy? Not your best seeds! Give away the others, but you must keep your best seeds for yourself!” exclaimed the visitor.

The farmer shook his head, and explained that he had been doing this for a long time. Every year he gave away his best seeds to his neighbors, and planted the lesser grade seeds on his own land. Every year, those excellent seeds got planted into the ground surrounding his property, and what grew from them pollinated his plants. Every year, he grew the best of the best because he was surrounded by the best.

I’m giving away my best seeds, because being in the middle of something so wonderful is positively delicious.

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  1. I love your outlook!! It is an amazing transition when you do surround yourself with positive and nurturing people. It makes life the best of the best. Congratulations!!

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