Claiming Gifts

Most of us have been taught not to receive. In false humility, we turn away from compliments, praise, and even the recognition of our own innate gifts.

I find the deeper implications of this as I watch others refuse the words of appreciation I speak to them, the gifts I care-fully select for them, and even their own Endowments from Source.

As I observe others, I realize I am looking into the mirror of the Universe. As they refuse to receive, my heart contracts in pain. I want to give, but they won’t let me. The mirror shows that I am refusing my gifts, too.

Today, I claim my gifts. I gratefully receive ALL the Goodness the Universe has been waiting to pour over me.

In all the Goodness, what would you like to claim for yourself today? (Claiming yours doesn’t diminish what anyone else gets; I promise!)

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