A Holiday Message for You

A Holiday Message for You

I see you.
I see the real you.
I know you.
I know the real you.
I love you.
I love the real you.

You cannot fool me. I know you and I know who you are.
You can act any way you wish,
but I will not change my mind about you.
I know who you really are. I created you.

I see you, and I will always see you.
You cannot disappear, you cannot hide,
and you cannot change or lose your identity.
You cannot be something you are not.
You can act as if you are something you are not, but you cannot be
something you are not.

I will always see what you are being.

I do not care what you are doing, because what you are doing is not
who you are.
I will always see you at the level of being.

I see you. I see who you are.
Nothing you do or say can blind me to that.

When each of you as human beings get that this is how I love you
and how I have requested that you love each other,
It will heal everything.

Please start now.

God (or however you like to call the beingness of me)

*This is a found poem, and the author is unknown. It is something that has come out at my Sweetheart’s house every Christmas for many years. I share it with you because it resonates so deeply in my soul. I see you. I love you.

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  1. Mary Clare Hubbell

    Dear Joanna: This is very beautiful. I have been asked before during healing therapy if anyone in my family accepts me JUST like I am and does not want to “change” me. My answer with tears was no, and my therapist sure knew that was going to be the answer. My family loves me, but they are who they are, and I have to accept them and myself as I am and not change for them to accept me. I know I was made by a much greater power and I am here for a reason. This was a beautiful message to read. Thank You! Mary Clare

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