Marginalized by Privilege

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about what I had learned from #Pulse and the aftermath up to that point. You can read the article here. One reader’s response started out like this: “I was so moved and touched with your words that I shed tears while reading this at work. Very beautifully said. Especially the section where you talk about the misuse of love and the human conditions not being able to change with legislation or hate. But then I noticed you’re white.” My words were valid until …

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The Power of BEing

I was talking with a client this morning (it’s only 7:15 a.m.; I coach globally via Skype) when he broached his agenda. “I would like to focus on… to be more my I AM, to explore love, peace…” As is so often the case, my client couldn’t hear the clarity of what he wanted because he was in the ‘static’ of life. I heard him very clearly, and I told him so. As we focused on his agenda, I held the space of his Divine presence, allowing him to sift …

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From the Other Side of Forgiveness

I procrastinated on writing this article for almost a week. What can I say about forgiveness that won’t sound trite and/or impossible to someone in the midst of experiencing the inability to forgive? Everything people said to me when I was in that situation was absolutely true, and only served to irritate me, leaving me further entrenched in my anger. I’m hoping not to have that effect. Please forgive me if I do. You Need to Forgive Him/Her They said it, and it was true, but not for the reasons they gave me. …

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Cascade of Shift

Life suddenly got a lot simpler since we got back from vacation. New experiences have a magical way of delivering new perspectives, even when I think new perspectives aren’t needed. Spending 11 days with a hormonal 17-year-old gave me new eyes for my own drama. Several times during our vacation, he went to sleep hating me and woke up loving me, or vice versa. The last morning of the trip, he woke up hating me (it had started the night before) and continued hating me until we got on the …

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Inner Conversations on Goal Setting

I first visited the Grand Canyon nearly twenty years ago. It was love at first sight. Deep in the emotion of discovery, I chose a rim-to-rim hike of the Grand Canyon “before I turn 50” as a goal. It felt like more than a goal; it was a passion and a soul-promise I made to myself. I turned 50 last February, without making that hike. Failure tasted bitter. Without knowing my feelings of failure, The Sweetheart (my significant other of the past couple of years) decided we should all go on …

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Wrapped Around the Axle

Today has been a ‘wrapped around the axle’ kind of day. If you’re not familiar with the term, I’ll give you a quick visual that I’m sure you’re familiar with. Driving on the highway, you’re behind a car that has a plastic bag flapping underneath it. That bag is wrapped around the axle (or some other part,) flying along at a high rate of speed but not doing anything obviously useful or productive. Yes, today was one of those days. I am committed to seeing the positive in everything. It …

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Meditate More, Hurry Less

“Meditate every day for 20 minutes. If you do not have time, meditate for one hour.” ~Zen expression This recommendation confounded me from the beginning. I couldn’t even find 20 minutes to meditate! How could I possibly find an hour??? It seemed so counterintuitive. Perhaps that was what made it so irresistible to me. Things do not survive for centuries if they do not work. Curiosity got the better of me, and I determined to give it a go.

Another Step Closer


There is a Peace within me today. As a nation, we have moved another step closer to knowing we are one. Marriage between religions was once unacceptable. Then some brave souls began to think about what they were believing, and that challenged the beliefs of those around them. Interracial marriage was once unacceptable. Then some brave souls began to examine what they were believing, and that challenged the beliefs of those around them. Same-sex marriage was once unacceptable. Then some brave souls examined their own beliefs, and that caused others …

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When Momentum Scares Me


A friend asked me this question yesterday: “Have you ever been absolutely certain of an action to take (feeling inspired to take it, etc) and once the initial step is taken have a sudden feeling of nervousness?” My response was, “Did you see my last Facebook post?” We had a good laugh because we were both facing the same thing. It took me until today to know that it’s not just the two of us; there are many who are questioning themselves. If you’re one of them, I hope you’ll …

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