Free is Good

I should take it as a sign that everything is in my favor when the first item rung up at the store is free. “Free,” said the cashier as she checked the clearance sticker on the cat toy I had impulsively picked up for Buddha, my 15-pound furbaby. “What? No, it’s about 40 cents, isn’t it?” I queried. Really? I’m probably the only person on the planet who would argue with free. The clerk was a darling and took the time to show me that the price actually was $0.00 …

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Energy Vampires – Who is Draining You?

I’ve heard talk of energy vampires for several years now. Most of that talk focuses on how draining they are and, of course, how to get them out of your life. During a recent seminar, I had a huge ah-ha moment. Of course, the topic was energy vampires. “Who do you need to fire?” the presenter asked. “Myself,” said my internal voice. WHAT??? The presenter went on with her talk about getting rid of people, while I went on to my own internal seminar. I’m sharing what I got out …

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A Love Story Begins

I’d like to share a love story with you. It’s a real-life story, and it’s still in progress, so I can’t guarantee you’ll see a storybook ending. What I can offer is a look into the lives of two people doing everything they can to be loving, kind, generous, healthy, and whole. The Sweetheart drove south three hours to pick me up last week. He needed to go twelve hours north to look at a couple of cars, and he wanted my help with the driving. More than that, he …

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When I am in Sadness

I would love a little extra LOVE today. There are shifts going on in my life and I’m feeling deep sadness. Letting go only happens to make room for something better. My heart knows this, but it is also healthy to feel the grieving part. I was never allowed to grieve as a child. Even when my father died, it was only acceptable to cry on the day of his funeral. I am exploring grieving. The bittersweet, the hope, the random tears, the good memories, the anger, it’s all here in …

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It is Always Spring Again


I’m in Arizona this week; quite a change from Florida, where I have lived since 1989. Nonetheless, the landscape is comfortably familiar to me, as I am a native of the high desert in California. I am visiting during monsoon season. It is marked by torrential downpours, flash floods, and the most amazing thing that happens in the desert. As my mother pointed out, “It is always Spring again after the rain.” This phenomenon provides a beautiful glimpse into the human spirit.

My Mom Thinks I am Perfect

While visiting my son in Chicago, I attended a group where he volunteers as a facilitator. At some point during his talk, he made the comment, “My Mom thinks I’m perfect.” He was making a point about mothers and how they don’t think anyone is good enough for their children. I refrained from correcting him at the time, but it got me to thinking. I do not believe that my son is perfect. Stellar, yes. Perfect, no.

How to Live and Die

I visited friends in the hospital yesterday. He had severe angina a few days prior and had a few stents put in his heart as a result. They were expecting him to be released later in the day. As I visited, I noticed that he was tired, yet his cantankerous humor was on full display. She was fully supportive and present, her love for him very evident. We enjoyed each others’ company for a time. I excused myself when the nurses came to tend to him. She offered to accompany …

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Beliefs and Marriage Equality

I was asked an interesting question last night. After I made the statement that I used to be very anti-homosexual, a friend told me that she had a hard time believing I had ever held those beliefs. She was unable to find a trace of it in me, for which I expressed silent gratitude. “How does that just disappear in a person?” she asked.

For my Da on Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is usually a time of reflection for me. I suppose it is my equivalent of other people’s New Year’s Eve/Day. It’s a time to look back at how far I’ve come, examine where I want to go, and remember my Dad. March 16th, 1977 – Daddy and I were sitting at the kitchen table. It was just the two of us in the idyllic Ojai Valley of Southern California. I had left my mother and step-father back East almost two years before. It was dark, so I guess it …

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Temple Offerings

Streetside altar

I realized just how much my diet has changed during the nine days my son took care of me after I had multiple surgeries (more on that later!) He brought me fresh-brewed herbal tea each morning, changed ice packs throughout the day, helped me from room to room, and to the car when we needed to go out. He took such good care of me that I was able to fix several of our meals during his stay. One lazy morning, I decided we would have cereal.