Judging Money

I’m completely fascinated by the myriad reactions to the current PowerBall jackpot. Last week’s drawing was worth $900 million dollars when I last checked. There was a terrific buzz that it could go over a billion. With no winner, it did. As of the current moment, the jackpot for tonight’s drawing stands at $1.5 BILLION (source: www.flalottery.com). I suspect it will edge even higher as ticket sales soar in the hours before the drawing goes off. So what? So… these opportunities inspire people to dream, ideate, form opinions, and talk… a …

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Blocks Suck

As a Life Coach, I cannot understand why a coach would ever focus on their clients’ blocks. I see the blurbs everywhere, “Overcome your Blocks,” “Conquer Obstacles,” “Push through your Pain.” They are legitimate coaching methods, but I simply cannot understand why anyone would use them, given the much easier and more effective methods readily available. Blocks suck. They suck the life out of clients, the joy out of work, and the fun out of life. Focusing on blocks sucks. I can do ‘Gapping the Goal,” and ‘Overcoming Blocks & …

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Another Beautiful Day

Sunset Dancers

I’m spending a few days at my favorite beach. As I’m trying to remember the last time I went on an actual vacation, I’m having such a hard time coming up with an answer that I’ll just leave it at “too long.” Arriving Sunday, I met up with a dear friend and her two teenagers. The kids and I had an absolute blast playing out in the “deep end” of the ocean while their mom relaxed on the sand. I’m 5’3” and define the “deep end” as where I can …

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The Shit Cow

Resting cow

I spent part of my life on a dairy farm. I am intimately acquainted with the ways of livestock, the land, and people who are drawn to working them. There are many lessons to be learned from the earth, and from things that dwell close to it. One of the lessons I refer back to most often is The Shit Cow. I understand it’s not the most attractive term, but it’s the one used by dairy farmers. Beef farmers may not use it, but they don’t have to get up …

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