Gateway to Enlightenment


Buddha said that the Gateposts of Enlightenment are Confusion and Paradox. Most of us recognize confusion, and if you are like me, it can be pretty frustrating. Frustration is rarely a constructive mindset. It usually indicates we are in combat with reality, and that is a fight we cannot win. Reality will always be exactly what it is, no matter how much we may object. Rather than being frustrated by it, if we can choose to see confusion as one of the two gateways, we can choose to see it as …

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Before lessons grow into swans

Swan and cygnet

I had a total meltdown two days ago. It was precipitated by a situation that came up two weeks ago, so it had been brewing for a while. My Rx4JOY website crashed during a hosting upgrade to a Linux platform. I immediately contacted my designer, only to find out that she had moved on to other things and was no longer available. It just made sense to migrate to a platform that I could manage on my own. There was just one little thing standing in my way. FEAR! I …

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