Resisting Receiving

I caught myself doing it again today. In the midst of saying the Long Healing Prayer for a Baha’i friend, I found myself resisting receiving. What??? “The Manifesting Diva™” isn’t supposed to ever have slip ups like that! Wait! Who says? I don’t hold myself to perfection, nor do I hold anyone else to it (except when I slip up and do that, too!) Holding ourselves to perfection is a great way to stifle growth, impede progress, and delay manifesting. After all, if we have to pretend we are right …

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Nicer to Me

“I can rest when I’m dead!” My mother’s words still ring in my head, a martyr’s call to arms from earliest childhood. Long after she stopped working and started spending every day in her recliner, she was still the most tired and unhappy woman I’ve ever known. No matter how much I think I know about the conditioning and beliefs that were neither healthy nor true, I still find them cropping up in my life. More accurately, I am deeply amazed when they are suddenly resolved. Just as a fish …

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Judging Money

I’m completely fascinated by the myriad reactions to the current PowerBall jackpot. Last week’s drawing was worth $900 million dollars when I last checked. There was a terrific buzz that it could go over a billion. With no winner, it did. As of the current moment, the jackpot for tonight’s drawing stands at $1.5 BILLION (source: I suspect it will edge even higher as ticket sales soar in the hours before the drawing goes off. So what? So… these opportunities inspire people to dream, ideate, form opinions, and talk… a …

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Beliefs, Health, and Illness

If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness. Only then is it possible to help him. ~ Hippocrates (In my experience and opinion, there are disease states that arise from the physical. The above statement does not apply to those. In this article, I am applying this quote to disease states that have their foundations in the spiritual and emotional.) There are many reasons we attract things like illness into our life experience. It …

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Wrapped Around the Axle

Today has been a ‘wrapped around the axle’ kind of day. If you’re not familiar with the term, I’ll give you a quick visual that I’m sure you’re familiar with. Driving on the highway, you’re behind a car that has a plastic bag flapping underneath it. That bag is wrapped around the axle (or some other part,) flying along at a high rate of speed but not doing anything obviously useful or productive. Yes, today was one of those days. I am committed to seeing the positive in everything. It …

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Shifting Gears and Perspectives

It seems like I have been ignoring or in battle with my body all of my life. Anorexia became my way of life when I was fifteen years old. It didn’t begin with trying to lose weight; it was a control issue. My mother and stepfather wouldn’t let me have any money except lunch money, so I stopped eating to gain control, both emotionally and financially. Quite by accident, I found out that if I didn’t eat breakfast, I wouldn’t be as hungry at lunchtime. Within six months, I was …

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Another Step Closer


There is a Peace within me today. As a nation, we have moved another step closer to knowing we are one. Marriage between religions was once unacceptable. Then some brave souls began to think about what they were believing, and that challenged the beliefs of those around them. Interracial marriage was once unacceptable. Then some brave souls began to examine what they were believing, and that challenged the beliefs of those around them. Same-sex marriage was once unacceptable. Then some brave souls examined their own beliefs, and that caused others …

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Beliefs and Marriage Equality

I was asked an interesting question last night. After I made the statement that I used to be very anti-homosexual, a friend told me that she had a hard time believing I had ever held those beliefs. She was unable to find a trace of it in me, for which I expressed silent gratitude. “How does that just disappear in a person?” she asked.

Leaving the Labels

label maker

As I stepped away from the Crape Myrtle tree I had been admiring, caressing and talking to this morning, a conversation with a friend came back to me. “Well, you’re Pagan,” she said to me in the most complimentary of tones. “No, I’m not,” I replied, “I don’t know the words to any of the songs.” We both laughed out loud, and then she informed me it wasn’t about the songs. I continued to insist that I could not possibly be Pagan unless I knew the words. “You talk to …

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Gateway to Enlightenment


Buddha said that the Gateposts of Enlightenment are Confusion and Paradox. Most of us recognize confusion, and if you are like me, it can be pretty frustrating. Frustration is rarely a constructive mindset. It usually indicates we are in combat with reality, and that is a fight we cannot win. Reality will always be exactly what it is, no matter how much we may object. Rather than being frustrated by it, if we can choose to see confusion as one of the two gateways, we can choose to see it as …

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