Individual Life Coaching

I hold the following to be true:

  • You are the best expert in your own life; you are the only one who has experienced all of your life.
  • You have your own best answers, though they may not be comfortable for you right now.
  • You already know your truth; you simply need to reconnect to the truth you came here to be.
  • You are here for a purpose; there is no accident to your being alive in this moment in time.
  • You have innate gifts, talents, and passions that are unique to you; only you can serve your purpose.
  • There will never be another you; not living your fullest potential robs the entire world of what only you can provide.

I am here to facilitate your reconnection to yourself. I lovingly hold open the door for you to come home to you. By choosing me as your Life Coach, you receive deeper access to your own inner knowing, re-established connection to your innate guidance system, restored trust in yourself, and so much more.

Life Coaching in the Coach for Life model (where I have participated in over 500 hours of coach-specific training as student, support staff, facilitator, and Executive Director) is quite different than other coaching models. You will not be criticized. You will not have to endure countless hours of back-breaking, gut-wrenching scrutiny to document what is wrong with you or your life. There is nothing wrong with you; you are magnificent, and you always have been. You will be celebrated. You will even learn to celebrate yourself, if you’re not doing so already. Yes, it really is possible, it really is easy, and as my clients attest… it really is FUN!

Observer Chair Experience: In this 15 minute healing session, we explore the trigger that causes you to have an uncontrollable reaction, walk through a simple, enriching, and authentically supportive 8-step process of accessing the stored trigger, and ultimately heal your body/mind connection, freeing you from patterns of negativity and pain.
Observer Chair Experience $150.00

Self-Discovery Foundation Session: During this three-hour session, I facilitate your discovery of your own unique life purpose, innate gifts & talents, and formula for success. Can you imagine how easy it is to make the most important life decisions when you have a concise table of your essential truths at your fingertips? I do not use cookie-cutter analysis and assessment tools; every aspect of your Self-Discovery Session is designed to provide a foundational access-ment experience to your innate source of wisdom and guidance, allowing you to return to your truth at any time you choose.
Self-Discovery Session $1495.00

Ongoing Monthly Coaching supports you in living your Life Purpose, listening to your own inner guidance and wisdom, and making choices that are healthy for your business, personal life, spiritual growth, and so much more! Sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs from a vast array of tools, techniques and modalities. Conveniently scheduled in weekly or bi-weekly sessions.
Everything starts with a good foundation; completion of a Self-Discovery session within prior 6 months is a requirement for ongoing coaching.
Monthly Coaching $975.00


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