Learning Opportunities

In keeping with the Inspired Learning Model, all learning opportunities are held within the Standards of Presence, a positive, safe, supportive environment where learning happens with discovery, creativity, and joy. Truly a criticism-free zone, all possibilities are meant to be explored, enjoyed, tried on, and you can even take them home with you! (or not!)

Upcoming Webinars

THRIVE Through the Holidays (8 meetings, 90 minutes each)
Meets weekly via WEBINAR

Mondays: 2:00-3:30 p.m. Eastern November 17th, 24th, December 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, & January 5th
Wednesdays: 10:00-11:30 a.m. Eastern November 19th, 26th, December 3rd, 10th, 17th, 31st & January 7th

Do you struggle to find joy in the holiday season, lose the battle to avoid conflict with family and friends, or just wish your holidays really could be merry and bright?
THRIVE Through the Holidays will allow you to experience the shift from surviving the holidays to truly THRIVING and finding pleasure and a joyous season. No matter your religious affiliation, family background, or past experience, by participating in this course, you will find the missing link to your happy holidays. Click for more information on THRIVE.

Life Tune-Up
Come in for a Lube, Alignment, & new Fuel Filter… not for your car, for your LIFE! Your car gets routine maintenance; you deserve some routine maintenance, too. Experience a refreshed outlook and greater motivation by participating in this 90-minute WEBINAR. Limit 8 Participants.

Energy in Motion
Exploring the Physics of the Energetic Experience and introduction to Energetic Healing.

Pattern Interrupt
Human beings have 20,000-60,000 thoughts per day, and most of those are repeats. These are the patterns of thought that keep us stuck and distracted. Discover tools to remove the mundane, disable distractions, and break negative patterns that keep you from achieving your ultimate goals.

Victim to Victorious
Nothing says you have to stay where you were. As a matter of fact, nothing grows without change. Choose to change the Victim card for a Victory sign by participating in this 90-minute WEBINAR that will give you new tools to shift your life. Limit 8 Participants.

Creating an Environment of Choice
Empowering others to recognize the choices available to them, and facilitate choices from an empowered space.

The 5 Non-Calorie Factors of Weight Gain
Research has revealed 5 factors that promote weight gain, no matter how carefully you monitor your caloric intake. If you have been struggling with weight, join this webinar to find out how you can make simple modifications to help your body feel better!

S.O.S. ~ The Spirit of Sales

Tired of rat-race sales gimmicks that make you feel pushy, inauthentic, and out of alignment with your own core values?

Welcome to S.O.S ~ The Spirit of Sales. This 6-week webinar introduces an simple, six step format that allows you to clearly communicate with your customers, completely understand their needs, and develop a bond that will not only have them begging to buy from you, but selling your products and services to their friends on your behalf! Participate in this webinar and you will discover how to accomplish all of this while being in complete alignment with your values, authentic self, and core beliefs.

No more gimmicks, no more pushing, no more resistance, no more pressing the close.

Enter freedom, authenticity, excitement, lightness, allowing, abundance, a completely joyful way of doing the sales process.
Sound too easy to be true?
Ease is the abundant way of the Universe, Spirit, Source.

S.O.S. ~ The Spirit of Sales       6-week Webinar      $395.00

Contact Joanna@JoannaDavis.com or phone 407-280-1636 to schedule a class or reserve your space today!


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