Listening to Guidance

Waaaaay back in 2006, I had an experience that would eventually lead me to Life Coaching. At that point in my life (it seems centuries ago,) I had not even heard the term ‘Life Coach.’ I was walking through my office one day and heard an audible voice say, “It’s time to change careers.” I knew I was alone in the office, and really didn’t think it was strange that I heard an audible voice, as I’ve always received messages and had heard an audible voice once before. In all … Continue reading

Wrapped Around the Axle

Today has been a ‘wrapped around the axle’ kind of day. If you’re not familiar with the term, I’ll give you a quick visual that I’m sure you’re familiar with. Driving on the highway, you’re behind a car that has a plastic bag flapping underneath it. That bag is wrapped around the axle (or some other part,) flying along at a high rate of speed but not doing anything obviously useful or productive. Yes, today was one of those days. I am committed to seeing the positive in everything. It … Continue reading

Free is Good

I should take it as a sign that everything is in my favor when the first item rung up at the store is free. “Free,” said the cashier as she checked the clearance sticker on the cat toy I had impulsively picked up for Buddha, my 15-pound furbaby. “What? No, it’s about 40 cents, isn’t it?” I queried. Really? I’m probably the only person on the planet who would argue with free. The clerk was a darling and took the time to show me that the price actually was $0.00 … Continue reading

Energy Vampires – Who is Draining You?

I’ve heard talk of energy vampires for several years now. Most of that talk focuses on how draining they are and, of course, how to get them out of your life. During a recent seminar, I had a huge ah-ha moment. Of course, the topic was energy vampires. “Who do you need to fire?” the presenter asked. “Myself,” said my internal voice. WHAT??? The presenter went on with her talk about getting rid of people, while I went on to my own internal seminar. I’m sharing what I got out … Continue reading

Getting Ready for Goal Setting

I’ve been allergic to goals most of my life. As soon as someone starts telling me I need to set goals, my system goes into defense mode and begins rejecting all efforts in that direction. I’ve got lots of excuses: I’m self employed and my income is inherently unstable; I can’t plan if I don’t know what I’ll be earning; I’m in a person-to-person business, and there is no way for me to know what other people will do; I didn’t set goals in my previous business, and that was … Continue reading

Shifting Gears and Perspectives

It seems like I have been ignoring or in battle with my body all of my life. Anorexia became my way of life when I was fifteen years old. It didn’t begin with trying to lose weight; it was a control issue. My mother and stepfather wouldn’t let me have any money except lunch money, so I stopped eating to gain control, both emotionally and financially. Quite by accident, I found out that if I didn’t eat breakfast, I wouldn’t be as hungry at lunchtime. Within six months, I was … Continue reading

A Love Story Begins

I’d like to share a love story with you. It’s a real-life story, and it’s still in progress, so I can’t guarantee you’ll see a storybook ending. What I can offer is a look into the lives of two people doing everything they can to be loving, kind, generous, healthy, and whole. The Sweetheart drove south three hours to pick me up last week. He needed to go twelve hours north to look at a couple of cars, and he wanted my help with the driving. More than that, he … Continue reading

Energy Shifting

As a young girl, I had many dreams and premonitions. It wasn’t that my family discouraged it, but most did not encourage it. When I was 15 years old, I woke up screaming one night. I had had one of ‘those’ dreams, the really vivid, I’m-in-it, brightly colored, full-surround-sound kind of dream. I dreamed that one of my friends from school was drunk and driving a car with three other classmates in it. They were laughing, partying, the music was loud. They were on a tree-lined, back country road. As … Continue reading

Let it Rain

Throughout my life, rain has held huge and varied symbolism for me. When I was younger, rain represented the angels crying the tears I wasn’t allowed to. Rain was also an excuse to flee the confines of the house in favor of running through puddles. When I lived on the farm, rain was the enemy of our freshly-mown alfalfa fields and the one thing we prayed for when the corn was newly planted and the ground was dry. As a homemaker, rain meant a day of baking breads and cookies, … Continue reading

When I am in Sadness

I would love a little extra LOVE today. There are shifts going on in my life and I’m feeling deep sadness. Letting go only happens to make room for something better. My heart knows this, but it is also healthy to feel the grieving part. I was never allowed to grieve as a child. Even when my father died, it was only acceptable to cry on the day of his funeral. I am exploring grieving. The bittersweet, the hope, the random tears, the good memories, the anger, it’s all here in … Continue reading