A bit about me… I’m an Intuitive, Mentor, Life Coach, Writer, Speaker, and more. I know multitasking and the overwhelm it can inspire; I also know the creative process is multi-directional. I have a wicked sense of humor, an IQ that borders on ridiculous, and a home filled with pets that have saved me as much as I saved them. I affiliate myself with no particular religion, preferring to engage in a Divine Relationship. I ramble, wax philosophic, and sometimes get straight to the point.

Most of all, I’m learning.

With any luck at all, I always will be. I came here to learn. With experience came the realization that I also came here to have fun. No matter what you have come to learn, my goal is to make the experience both worthwhile and fun!

I also currently serve as Corporate Life Coach for Chewy.com and President of Powerful Women Networking.


Sometimes it helps to look at things another way.

 If you’re still wondering who this person is, check out my Credentials. I’m a Both/And… both highly intuitive and highly trained.

Of course, certifications don’t tell the whole story for anyone. My training in healing the human body, mind, emotions, and spirit began in 1977 as a massage apprentice to my paternal aunt, Alix Marley. I was trained in Energetic Bodywork by a Shaman in ’80’s and received a huge amount of one-on-one training in herbal supplements and nutritional support while working for a Nutritional Counselor in the ’90’s. I’m a multi-sensory Mystic, which informs and facilitates all of the healing work that I do. I look forward to using all of my areas of expertise to help you on your journey to ultimate awareness and well-being!

I’m not the right coach for you, I would be honored to help you find the coach that is. According to several studies on the efficacy of Life Coaching, the number one predictive factor in coaching success is the rapport of the coach and client. Beyond training, beyond experience, beyond number of hours invested, cost, and everything else, the most important factor in hiring a coach is to find the one that feels “right” to you.


I am human; therefore, I will get it wrong from time to time. These episodes are called mistakes if we did them intentionally, they would be called on-purposes. I believe mistakes are crucial. Mistakes happen when we are exploring, creating, learning, and widening our current abilities. Exploring, creating, learning, and expanding my abilities are essential in my life. I wouldn’t have gotten this far and become able to help so many without them.

Therefore, I PROMISE YOU that I will make mistakes and you will, too. We will get it ‘wrong’ from time to time, but getting it wrong is perfectly right. It’s part of the growing process, both mine and yours. I have seen the most amazing and beautiful things come from what seemed very ‘wrong’ in the moment. That said, I admit my mistakes when I am aware of them. Thus, I will have no pretense; you will get everything that I have available.

I trust that you will be master of YOUR OWN destiny. YOU will make the final decisions about what is right for you. YOU will decide what you want to learn from the messes of life. YOU will be celebrated, in your creating, learning, exploring, and expanding, even when you aren’t celebrating yourself. Ultimately YOU make the choice in taking what you need from the time we spend together.

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