The Power of BEing

I was talking with a client this morning (it’s only 7:15 a.m.; I coach globally via Skype) when he broached his agenda. “I would like to focus on… to be more my I AM, to explore love, peace…”

As is so often the case, my client couldn’t hear the clarity of what he wanted because he was in the ‘static’ of life. I heard him very clearly, and I told him so.

As we focused on his agenda, I held the space of his Divine presence, allowing him to sift through the static to his own experience of his truth. And, what a truth!

“A flower just blooms, the sun just shines, the water is simply wet. What if I were just me?”

I knew he didn’t hear it. The words were there, but the energy was not connected to the profundity of that statement. I fed it back to him.

“If the flower did not bloom, life would cease to exist on this planet.
If the sun did not shine, there would be no photosynthesis and we would all die.
If the water was not wet, how long would anything live?
It follows that you MUST be you. Our lives all depend upon it.”

The flower does not create a series of charts in order to figure out how to bloom.
The sun does not struggle to shine.
Water has not considered the possibility of being anything other than wet.
Humans are such strange creatures. We are conditioned to believe that our value lies in being something other than we are. How absurd!

My entire value is in BEing myself. His worth is in BEing HIMSELF, not some construct of society. And, yes, your worth is in BEing fully you, the you without masks, prepositions, or apologies. You don’t need a cover up, definition, or excuse. As a matter of fact, the only way you are needed is as AUTHENTICALLY YOU! Bloom in your own way. Shine as you are. Drench the world with the fullness of YOU and we will all be better for it.

Thank YOU for BEing!

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