Loving You Back to YOU

It’s true.
There is a wonder-full thing that happens as we begin to truly know ourselvesEmit Your Own Frequency HealingLight, our purpose, our passion, our gifts, our talents, our way, our time.
I’ve seen it in my clients.
I’ve felt it in myself.
I believe this is why empaths respond so well to coaching.

As an empath, I was always receiving.
As I began to know me, the receiving stopped being so overwhelming.
It took me a while to understand why.

I was taught to not be “me.”
I had to pick up the signals around me to survive.
That combination created an empty space surrounded by a physical body.
Any and every feeling felt like it was mine.

As I began to embody “me,” there was less room for other people’s stuff.
As I began to live as “me,” I didn’t feel as much of other people’s stuff, and it was easier to tell when it wasn’t mine.

One day, I became aware that I was leaving my signature, instead of having things written all over me.
It’s a LOVEly feeling.
It’s MAGNIFICENT to be able to pass this along to others.

I’m grateful to be “Me,” and deeply grateful to support you in the process of Loving You Back to YOU!
Love someone today, would you? Extra points if it’s YOU!!!

Image Credit: Healing Light


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