Love and Remission

Hate is a cancer. Anger is a cancer. Violent emotions are a cancer. Rejection is a cancer, whether rejection of others or the deeper cancer – rejection of self. They are cancers of the soul.
Whatever shows up in the soul will filter down through the mind and emotions, into the physical.
No wonder there is such an outbreak of cancer in the world.
This was shared with me today, and I must share with you because the truth of it is vibrating deep in my bones. If I do not share, my bones will break. It’s that strong a truth.
One of the definitions of *Remission* is Forgiveness
There are a million words to be written and read on Forgiveness. The experience is far more valuable than the words.
Have you ever been truly forgiven for something that you thought was unforgivable?
Have you ever been truly forgiven when you knew you didn’t deserve forgiveness?
If so, remember who forgave you and check in on your feelings about that person. Do you feel a lasting connection to them? What else do you feel about them? Do you feel love or hatred? Do you turn toward or away from them?
Notice the power of forgiveness.
Have you ever truly forgiven someone who didn’t deserve to be forgiven, maybe wasn’t even sorry?
If so, remember that person, but check in with yourself. How do you feel about yourself? Aside from what others may have told you, do you feel connected to a part of yourself that wasn’t possible before you forgave them? Do you feel love or hatred for yourself? Do you turn toward or away from yourself?
Notice the power of forgiveness.
No one has ever been hated, punished, shamed, or abused into being a truly better person. They’ll act better on the outside, but hatred, punishment, shame, and abuse leave scars on the psyche.
Only love, and forgiveness is part of love, can bring remission to the wounds of the psyche. Only love will bring the remission our society so desperately needs.
So easy to say. So easy to know.
The practice is where it gets challenging.
It’s always easiest to begin any new exercise with low resistance. Start with you. Begin within, where there is only one mind, to build the muscle that societal conditioning has allowed to atrophy. Love and forgive yourself and work outward from there.
If you ever lose the way to loving you, just borrow mine. I love you. I already do. I’ll share my love with you as you find your own.

If ever there was a place for my signature tag line, it’s here, coming from a deeper space than ever before:
Love someone today, would you? Extra points if it’s you.

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