Judging Money

I’m completely fascinated by the myriad reactions to the current PowerBall jackpot. Last week’s drawing was worth $900 million dollars when I last checked. There was a terrific buzz that it could go over a billion. With no winner, it did.

As of the current moment, the jackpot for tonight’s drawing stands at $1.5 BILLION (source: www.flalottery.com). I suspect it will edge even higher as ticket sales soar in the hours before the drawing goes off.

So what?

So… these opportunities inspire people to dream, ideate, form opinions, and talk… a LOT! In person, by phone, and over social media, I’m getting lots of feedback, and I haven’t even been looking for it.

I love to watch people. I see patterns. It’s part of what I do.

There are dreamers dreaming, doers doing, angry people being angry, and more. Fascinating stuff. Me, I’m writing an article on what I’m observing. I bought our ticket last night. The Sweetheart and I will split the winnings if it’s our turn for our numbers to come up. (Yes! Please! Please!)

The dreamers (you know the song: “I’m not the only one…”) are talking about what we’ll do with the money. We’re spinning our vortexes big enough to encourage the money fall in. Law of Attraction is very attractive. Sometimes we really don’t have to do more than resonate.

But sometimes we do. There is also the Law of Action. The doers either bought a ticket or didn’t, depending on their outlook, and are going on with life. We are writing articles ;), coaching, consulting, advising, accounting, managing, making, fixing, parenting, learning, loving, and on and on. We are doing the stuff of life, unhindered by the possibility of one and a half BILLION dollars.

The angry people are making me laugh. This article will probably make them even angrier, and that is likely to inspire more giggles. From what I’ve read, they’re angry that money is even a thing. Perhaps not coincidentally, they’re also broke.

Judgment is like that. When I have a judgment, I push whatever I’m judging away. Whether it is a person, a belief, money, or anything else I have a relationship with, my judgment repels it. Think about the last time someone judged you. Did you want to get close to them? How about the last time you judged someone else: Did you get closer to them?

Of course, there is positive judgment, the kind that says, “Omagerd! He’s GORGEOUS!” or “She’s INCREDIBLE!” Talk about Law of Attraction! That pulls people in. It pulls things in, too.

What are your judgments about money? Is money GORGEOUS, INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, and FUN!!!? Is money dirty, filthy lucre, tainted, ill-gotten, and worse? Maybe it’s a mixture of both. Money certainly is both for me.

I’m still working through my relationship with money. I come from hard-working people who believed HARD work was the only way to deserve money. They looked down on the wealthy, and those who didn’t labor. The fact that I have the most fun of my life for money (Well… the second most fun!) has been a challenge for me. Somewhere in there, there are little, nagging particles of judgment that say I should be working hard instead of writing, coaching, and doing other inspiring things that are so easy for me and bring me so much joy. Watch for upcoming articles about The Value of Effort and The Value of Effortlessness.

In the meantime, I am glad I discovered that I have a little more clearing to do before the drawing goes off in a few hours. I’m surprised my odds are so good at 1:292,201,338. I really expected them to be much worse. It’s not as bad as I judged it to be! Another judgment released! The odds are looking better all the time!

How are your odds? How are your beliefs? How are you relating to money? What are you doing with your judgments? I can’t wait to read your responses in the comments below!

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