Organized Flow

Confession… I have not considered myself to be a very organized person.

Ironically, I have been acknowledged on many occasions for my organizational skills. When it’s pointed out to me, I can see that I am very organized in certain areas of my life.

Financial organization, budgeting, filing, record keeping, spreadsheets, data analysis, projections, etc… those have historically been anathema for me. I have avoided them as surely as a plague.

All that said, I invite you to imagine my surprise when the first thought through my mind as I was waking up this morning was, “I want to get all the files put together for 2014.”

Um, HELLO??? Who’s in my head??? – My Gremlin voice (that which resists change) was quick to chime in and let me know in no uncertain terms that THAT is NOT how we do things! We procrastinate! We don’t like finances! Yada, yada, yada, yada (this is where I need those shrinking fonts as the ‘yadas’ fade into the distance.)

I stepped into ‘observer’ role and watched what my Gremlin was doing. Gremlins are deathly afraid of change. That’s okay. I watched, then noticed that the statement was, “I want to…” This was not coming from a place of ‘should.’ I found that fascinating. So, I went with the ‘want’ and started on the filing.

I was sitting on the floor of my meditation/play room, happily making labels for files (is this REALLY me?) when my phone chimed, notifying me that I had received a payment from a client.

Yes, Universe, I LOVE IT when you give me instant confirmation that I’m on the right track. I’m doing financial organization and receive a financial reward. How perfect! And, the etheric messages kept coming to explain more of what was behind that “want.”

I am in the process of moving into a new phase of my business. Prior to this summer, I focused much more on my own inner work than I did on business. As one mentor reminded me, it was essential that I go deeply into my inner work so I can support others in going deeply into their inner work. I don’t currently believe that we are ever done growing, yet we do reach a stage where the growth is different and it is more focused on supporting others in their growth.

That is where I am; ready, willing, and able to support others in their deep work. And, the Universe is giving me reminders that those others are on the way. In order to handle what is coming, it is essential that I have organizational structures in place before these wonderful souls arrive.

A few weeks ago, I completed the consolidation of my client files in order to report my coaching hours to the ICF for Certification. (Celebration! My PCC Certification is official! Woot!) All files are on order, current clients in the appropriate place, former clients properly archived.

As of this morning, the organizational structure is complete for the financial end of the business.

I noticed that I could choose to be in judgment that I hadn’t done it before. The old me would have readily jumped into judgment. Right now, I’m simply reveling in the knowing that everything happens with ease when the time is right. It didn’t need to happen before now; that is why the recordkeeping and organizing was so difficult before. It simply wasn’t time.

Here I am, loving my life and the Universal flow!!!

Where are you with flow in your own life?


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