No Room for Advice in Coaching

I had someone send me a piece of advice they thought I could use in my coaching practice.
Ah, the most common misconception in coaching… that I would have the audacity to tell someone else what they should be doing with their life. As though, somehow, I would know better.
How could I possibly know better?
Each of us is the one best expert in our own lives. There is no better expert in your life than you. After all, you are the only one who has been here the whole time. Same goes for me. Each of us holds the entire essence of our knowing in our being. No one else could possibly know us so intimately, not a parent, a psychic, a counselor, a coach, a judge, a spouse, a child, a (insert human figure here.)
So, here is how I responded:
“While I appreciate the thought, there is no room for me to give advice in coaching. It is about helping the client find their inner truth, the one they have been bullied, railroaded, guilt’ed, should’ed, and rule’d into giving up.”
And now, I have a few questions for you, my sweet friend…
What is your inner truth?
What have you been bullied into believing?
What path were you railroaded into taking (or giving up?)
What has the guilt others put on you kept out of your life?
What dream did you ‘should’ yourself out of living?
What did you give up because of the rules “they” made?
What would you like to reclaim?
What would you like to create?
What does your soul sing for?
What brings that longing ache to your heart?
What are you hungry to make time for?
What more is possible?
You are still breathing.
There is still time. 

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