A Way to Forgive

“To understand everything is to forgive everything.” ~ The Buddha

I struggled with forgiveness for most of my life. I was 40+ and people were still telling me, “You have to forgive your Mother.” My reply was a stubborn, “No, I don’t! You don’t know anything about this!”

They were right. I did need to forgive her, not for her, but for me. It hit me one day… the anger I had held all those years had not had near the effect on her that it had on me.

So, I set about finding a way to forgive. I found it in understanding. Going outside of myself, I saw my mother’s life from a new perspective. She was unwanted and unloved by her mother. She was abused by her husbands and others. She desperately wanted love, and had no sound model for achieving it.

She had no idea that the best way to find love would have been to love herself. She looked outside, never realizing that what she so desperately needed was waiting to bloom inside.

And, so… I found understanding. In understanding I found compassion. In compassion, I found my way to forgiveness in the most difficult relationship of my life.

It remains the best gift I have ever given myself.

Of course, I had to give myself the gift of understanding and forgiving myself before I could receive this greater gift.

I sincerely hope this message finds its way to someone who needs it today.
I send it with Great Love.

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