When All Else Fails

I spent a week with the wonder-full folks at Coach For Life last week. Renewed would be my word for how I felt, or maybe Gratitude, or simply YUMMY!

I’ve been struggling with finding my niche, branding myself, marketing, and everything else that a business plan would include. Apparently, my right-brained way of receiving information was not playing well with my left-brained way of wanting it all to fit in neat boxes. I’ve been having a logic vs. intuition battle of wills for several years, and no one was winning. Of course, that all got resolved last week.

One of the first messages I received in the can’t-do-it-wrong space was, “Meditate more. Hurry Less. All of life is already waiting for you.” It felt wonderful, and I have been starting each day with a meditation since I got the message.

Until today.

The Sweetheart spent the night and we went to breakfast together. I had a few chores to do before I went to work (at the J-O-B I’ve resolved to be out of by July 15th, and Spirit keeps reminding me that I’m to be out by my mother’s birthday on June 23rd.) I got home and jumped right into emails, marketing, etc.

All the while, I’m getting nudges to meditate. Do I listen? Of course not! I’m busy! I’m trying to build a business here!

The most important thing I wanted to accomplish today was updating my website.

Naturally, my hosting is not functioning properly, and the company in charge of my hosting is telling me there’s no problem. I’ve been through this with them before. It always turns out to be something on their end.

Maybe, just maybe, this one time it isn’t.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll listen to the Universe and go meditate. After all, the whole, wide, wonderful Universe may know something I don’t.

Besides, if I’m meditating on the good I’m bringing into my life, I won’t be focusing on the frustration of the moment. Win-Win. It works for me.

I’ve learned when all else fails, Meditate.

I’ve also learned that all else doesn’t fail when I Meditate.

Just another Win-Win brought to you courtesy of Divine Wisdom.

p.s. If you’re reading this, the Meditation worked.

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