1. Genuine experience is just that – it cannot be explained, it simply is.

    And so as you facilitate bringing that forward, it doesn’t carry a label that many people tied to the more concrete world of the surface can relate to.

    Remember though, these are the same (many) people who insisted the world was flat, that ‘witches’ couldn’t drown, royal women about to give birth shouldn’t be subjected to fresh air and sunlight (King Henry VIII era), and other horrors of ignorance that hopefully eventually will all get lifted

    Celebrate your gifts, dear Joanna. They don’t need to be named among the people who have a similar level of conscious awareness:)

    • Good call! I’m celebrating!
      The value of genuine experience. I’m so glad you get it! That makes my heart happy!
      I had to laugh at ‘the world is flat’ because I use that one all the time. Great minds & hearts, eh?
      Hugs to you!

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