Ordinary Miracles

I’ve been going deeper into my own Guidance lately. As I delve deeper into what is right and true for me, I find myself in an intimate dance with the Universe that results in my being amazed and enraptured by little things on a very regular basis.

My neighbor’s son, barely two, throwing his ball over my car (what an arm that child has!), Swallow-tailed Kites soaring in the small break of sky above my patio, torrential rain pouring from a sun-filled sky. These are delights for my eye and spirit. The ordinary miracles I’ve been experiencing lately would be easy to overlook.

Earlier this year, I announced the goal of deriving 100% of my income solely from my passions. That would mean resigning from the J-O-B that has been providing part of my support for well over a year. As I worked with my mentor-coach in May, I made the comment that I would do that by July 15th. I got an immediate correction from Guidance that the date was June 23rd (please note the date of this post.)

In all of my infinite wisdom, I told Guidance I’d resign my position if I had 5 new clients by that time.

Almost immediately, two new clients showed up.

What was most interesting was how they showed up.

One found me through a friend of a friend on Facebook.

The other was referred to me by someone I haven’t interacted with in more than three years.

In my way of experiencing, both of them were obviously sent to me. I could not have orchestrated either one.

As the 23rd approached, things got more tense and disorganized at work. Opportunities for commissions mysteriously disappeared from the schedule, though it wasn’t only happening to me.

During one of those mysterious lulls, I was approached by a co-worker who inquired if I might still be looking for someone to help me organize. In less than an hour, we worked out the details and I now have a Personal Assistant who has not only organizational skills, but who can make follow-up calls for me!

Friday was the 21st. I was feeling pressure from Guidance to commit to giving my notice. I was pushing back because I was still three clients short of my goal. Then I remembered.

I have never been let down by the Universe except when I failed to follow my Guidance.

I committed. I even told a few people what I was going to do.

Saturday morning, the 22nd, I got into a conversation with two of my neighbors. They asked about my work. It’s notable because I’ve lived here for almost a year, and only two other people have ever talked with me about my work. Two in one day was significant. Even more significant, one is very interested, and the other knows someone who is looking for someone with my skill set.

As I was coming back from dinner Saturday evening, I stopped to pick up my mail. There was a couple at the community mail station that serves the 300 or so homes. They were strangers to me. The man looked up and asked, “Do you need a calendar?” His question would have been completely insignificant if I hadn’t just told the Universe that I needed a physical calendar to schedule classes, presentations, and group coaching. I didn’t immediately respond, as I was processing my amazement, so he continued, “It has wolves on it.”

Have I ever mentioned that the wolf is one of my primary power animals?

Ordinary, everyday, simple, little miracles.

As I present my authentic self more openly in the world, the Universe responds like a parent witnessing a child’s first steps; the rewards are immediate.

Every day, I’m learning to walk more fully in my own passions, gifts, talents, and life purpose.

Every day, ordinary miracles show up to confirm my truth.

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