Energy Shifting

As a young girl, I had many dreams and premonitions. It wasn’t that my family discouraged it, but most did not encourage it.

When I was 15 years old, I woke up screaming one night. I had had one of ‘those’ dreams, the really vivid, I’m-in-it, brightly colored, full-surround-sound kind of dream. I dreamed that one of my friends from school was drunk and driving a car with three other classmates in it. They were laughing, partying, the music was loud. They were on a tree-lined, back country road. As they rounded a bend, she failed to negotiate the turn and the car slammed into the stone bridge abutment, bursting into flames. I knew at least one person in the car died on impact.

I was inconsolable. Those kinds of dreams always came true! The problem was, I could not see her face, but I kept getting the name Mickey. There were two girls at school with that nickname. I went to each of them and told them the dream, explaining that I’ve had these dreams for years and my record for accuracy. They both laughed at me.

A chasm of pain opened up and swallowed me. In my despair, I turned the dreams off. After all, if I couldn’t change the outcome, why should I be put through the pain of knowing? I didn’t even want the good dreams anymore. I blocked them all.

That kind of blocking takes a tremendous amount of energy, but that is not what this article is about. Suffice it to say that I have embraced my intuitive gifts as fully as I am currently able, and am continuing to expand that embrace in every way that I can.

What was not clear to me then, because I went with the events I could physically see, was that I was shifting the energy simply by relaying the message. By warning them of what was possible, I was giving them choice. By clearly describing the scene to them, I had instilled a strong sense of déjà vu that would arise when the time was right, and perhaps remind them to apply the brakes so the turn would be completed safely.

Who knows? I moved away when I was 17 and have never been back.

I began manipulating energy when I was 12 years old, though it would be many years before I would become aware that was what I was doing. It was purely in the physical, through the medium of Massage Therapy. A decade later, I was trained in energetic bodywork by a Shaman and began shifting the physical energy in a much more powerful way.

More than two decades have passed since my work with the Shaman, and I’m finally realizing that I have the same abilities in the emotional, mental, and spiritual planes. What can I say? Sometimes I can be a real slow learner. 😉
At any rate, I was reminded last night that the outcome I could see did not have to be. It was a personal outcome for me, and one that I was very upset with.

My beliefs make it impossible for me to have a clear conscience and manipulate others to my own benefit, even if I believe it would benefit them. My own personal knowing is that there is a greater plan in place that I only see parts of.

What to do? What to do?

As I went deeply into meditation, I set my energetic vibration to align with “The Greatest Good for All Involved.” It was a matter of acceptance, but it was also a matter of intentioning. I could feel that the premonition was not the best and highest good, so I set my energy to shifting it, not to my own desires, but to the Greatest Good.

By 9:00 this morning, evidence was delivered that the Greatest Good was being served up on a silver platter. Or, maybe that platter is platinum! Whatever it is, it sure is nice!

What we can see does not have to be.

The cleanest intention is always for the Greatest Good for All.

And, yes, we each have the power within us to call that forth.

Enjoy the shifts you create today!

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  1. I wish I had clairvoyance on what the ‘greatest good’ is in God’s eyes! It would make so many of my wishes much clearer, those for myself and others:)

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