Dance of the Manifesting Diva

I was given the nickname Manifesting Diva about five years ago. It went like this: while attending my original Life Coach training, I announced an intention that my office would sell for more than the most optimistic Realtor said I could get for it, and it would sell quickly.

The requested contract was finalized before the week was out, and my colleagues began calling me The Manifesting Diva. Of course, it wasn’t just that incident. They noticed that I manifested my best and highest with unusual frequency. They noticed it a lot more than I did.

It took me a while to realize that I am able to speak things into form. Once I became aware, I was able to see that I’ve been doing this since I was a small child.

When something is that innate, it’s difficult for me to grasp how it works. Equally, when something is that innate, it’s not very easy for me to see why other methods don’t work, even though I know in my sensors that something isn’t right.

Take ‘The Secret’ for example. I tried to watch that movie multiple times, and every time I would get the feeling that something was missing, then I would fall asleep. It was as though my entire system was rejecting what the movie promoted.

This morning, I had a delightful incident of manifestation. As I was leaving the house, I said out loud, “I’m manifesting a ‘day old’ gluten-free box at Rhapsodic Bakery.” Rhapsodic is a vegan bakery in Orlando that sells some of the most blissful gluten-free, dairy-free treats. One cupcake runs $3.50 and is worth every penny. I’m thrifty, though, and if I can get nine of them in a box for $13.00, I’ll relish the flavor and the savings!

Off I went on my morning errands, arriving at the bakery at a little after 10 a.m., which is when I thought they opened. I could see the staff inside, but the door had a big ‘Closed’ sign and another that said they would open at 11.

I was more than a little disappointed, as they rarely have gluten-free day-olds, and when they do, they get snapped up quickly. I knew I wouldn’t get back before noon, and chances were incredibly slim that what I wanted would be there.

Off I went, completed my errands, and checked back in with Source. All indicators said that my treats were there if I wanted them, or I could pass.

Frankly, I still question Source. I still look for confirmations, and I still doubt some of the messages I get. I still want proof that I’m “hearing” correctly, so I drove the mile to Rhapsodic.

I could see from the doorway that there was only one day-old box left. As I approached the counter, I saw those beautiful letters, “GF” inside the lid! Woo Hoo!

“That’s mine!” I gleefully announced as I pointed to the box.

The young lady behind the counter replied, “Well, THAT was easy!”

Her unusual response piqued my curiosity and I asked, “ Isn’t it always?”

She explained that there had been a bit of earlier confusion over that very box.. A customer said she wanted it, but it turned out she really didn’t  she wanted a box that size with something else in it. Whatever the conversation, it had taken a while to sort out.

“It was meant to be yours,” the clerk announced.

“Yes, I know. I manifested it this morning,” was my childlike reply.

As I was savoring the first cupcake, still in the car on my way home, I began to think about HOW I manifested it. After all, that box of goodies did not magically appear on the counter that morning. Those cupcakes were made the day before, and were leftover already when I made my manifestation announcement at home. There really was no magic involved at all. I decided to reverse engineer the morning’s events to figure out what makes manifestation work for me.

First, let me say that I believe manifestation and magic are not the same thing. Magic is more of an alchemic process. Manifestation is a process of Divine Communication. Here’s what I know about this morning’s Divine Communication Manifestation process:

1) The Divine and I both know that I really like sweet bakery treats, and really should not have gluten or dairy.
2) The Divine and I both knew that I was going to be in close proximity to Rhapsodic this morning, where I can acquire yummy treats that are safe for me. I wasn’t thinking about it, but the Divine obviously was.
3) The Divine and I both know that finding a bargain is equally yummy for me.
4) The Divine knew there were leftover cupcakes at Rhapsodic.
5) The Divine communicated those leftover cupcakes at Rhapsodic to me on a subconscious level.
6) I consciously responded to a subconscious stimulus and set a specific intention that I would obtain a box of gluten-free, day-old goodies at Rhapsodic.
7) The Divine reserved the manifested goodies until I arrived.
And that is how manifestation works for me.

For me, the most important Rules of Manifestation are:

1) There is much more that goes on prior to my conscious perception of a desire to manifest than there is after I begin the manifestation process.
2) I manifest in response to Divine Awareness.
3) The Divine always leads the manifestation process, not the other way around. THIS is what was missing from ‘The Secret.’ It may look like I’m leading the manifestation process, but that is only because I am unaware of what is going on behind the scenes.

Remember that office I sold? The man who bought it had wanted it since before my business went under, he just never approached me because he didn’t think I’d sell. The Divine knew all aspects of that scenario, too.

Yes, every manifestation process I have been involved with has been led by the Divine. Thankfully, I have developed enough sensitivity to follow in this magical dance.

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