Clear and Supported

I am human. I get emotional, irrational, irritable, make mistakes, and get overwhelmed, just like everyone else.

“BUT, YOU’RE A LIFE COACH!” is a common response to my less-than-stellar moments.

Yes, I am a Life Coach, and a superb one at that. Being a Life Coach does not exempt me from the day-to-day hassles of life. As my Sweetheart pointed out, it does hold me to a higher standard of resolving them.

Which brings me to the point of this post. As a Life Coach I help other people deal with their issues, find the way to their highest passions, uphold their life purpose, explore their deepest meaning, discover their greatest calling, and facilitate other deeply meaningful, freeing experiences. In order to do that, I have to be clear about all of those in my life, in addition to being clear of the day-to-day. That does not happen by magic nor by accident.

In order to be support, I must be clear.

In order to be clear, I must be supported.

It’s not rocket science; it’s just a blinding glimpse of the obvious.

In order to fully support my clients, I have to be clear with my life. That doesn’t mean garbage doesn’t happen, just that I uphold my duty to take it to the curb. Or, as a friend humorously stated, “Everyone comes with baggage; all I ask is that it’s neatly packed.”

I have several layers of support:

I employ a stellar coach

Leah Collery of Tapping In Now is my personal coach. I meet with her via telephone on a weekly basis to work through current issues and create a future I’m excited to move forward into. We also do some very deep meditations to connect with my future self, spiritual guides, and Source to determine what is best for me.

I meet with a counselor on a regular basis

Dr. Alan Keck at the Center for Positive Psychology is my counselor. I meet with him every three weeks to resolve past issues (primarily childhood) and clear any blocks to creating a life I love. We often use tapping (his version is like EFT on steroids!) to clear old, deeply-seated emotional issues. I frequently use the tapping at home to clear physical issues and minor emotional interference.

I have a wonderful Sweetheart

In his book, Love and Survival, Dr. Dean Ornish reveals statistical data regarding the power of a supportive love relationship. My takeaway from my first reading of the book a dozen years ago was my marriage was killing me (I’m divorced over a decade now) because a bad love relationship has the same negative effect on the body as smoking and obesity.

On the other hand, a supportive love relationship has the same effects as stopping smoking and losing weight. YAY! Fun, cuddles, playtime, great conversation and sex, and health benefits, too! It’s a win all the way around!

I have supportive friendships

My friends support and encourage me. I recently experienced how many are willing to be here for me when I’m unable to care for myself after surgeries. We don’t always agree on everything, but we respect each other and support each other in good times and bad. The value of that sense of community cannot be overstated.

I have healed family relationships

In so many ways, this was the biggest part of getting clear for me. I still have family members that I choose not to interact with because they do not respect my boundaries; that is simply good self-care. My relationship with my son is one of the greatest gifts in my life, and that was far from the case for many years. I have made peace with my mother, and have found that I now hold a space of love for her; for me, that counts as nothing short of a miracle, and has been hugely healing.

All of these supports have made it possible for me to support my clients in their life experiences without getting hooked into their situations.

When I am clear, I know that my clients are just as infinitely resourceful as I am; it is easy for me to hold that space of knowing my client is fully capable until they remember, too.

When I am clear, I can trust that their Guidance is getting them exactly where they need to go without advice from me.

When I am clear, my clients find their own clarity much faster; I provide a clear, open space so they can step out of their muck and be clear, too.

When I am clear, I trust that everything is happening exactly as it should be.

When I am clear, I’m a much better coach, friend, partner, writer, lover, mother, daughter, sister, and human.

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