Another Beautiful Day

I’m spending a few days at my favorite beach. As I’m trying to remember the last time I went on an actual vacation, I’m having such a hard time coming up with an answer that I’ll just leave it at “too long.”

Arriving Sunday, I met up with a dear friend and her two teenagers. The kids and I had an absolute blast playing out in the “deep end” of the ocean while their mom relaxed on the sand. I’m 5’3” and define the “deep end” as where I can usually reach on my tippy toes. The teenagers aren’t normally allowed out that far, though both are taller than me. Mom said it was okay as long as they were with me. YAY! Feeling like a kid myself, it was fun to have other kids to play with!

The surf was perfect, we were joined by another friend, and a good time was had by all. We jumped waves, dove under waves, rode waves, were carried along by waves (oops!), floating in the few moments the sea was calm, swam a bit, played jokes on each other (it’s amazing how a piece of seaweed or a well-placed foot can mimic a sea creature!), and generally wore ourselves out. At the insistence of the only rational adult present (their mom), we all got out of the ocean a couple of hours later. I would have stayed in longer, I’m sure, but I doubt I would have had the energy to drag myself to the car and up to my hotel room!

Day One (Sunday) was bright, sunny, and shared with friends.

Day Two was bright, sunny, partly shared with a friend, partly savored alone.

When I went to bed last night, I was looking forward to a bright, sunny Day Three all to myself. It’s my last full day here. I had planned to ride my bicycle on the beach, spend time enjoying the sun, sand, & surf on my own, and wring every last drop of end-of-summer goodness out of my beach experience.

I woke to storm clouds moving in on the horizon. The looming, heavy, gray clouds dropping rain over the ocean caused me to rethink my bicycle plans, as the storm was being driven to shore by strong winds.

Not so long ago, I would have been upset, disappointed, and allowed the weather to “ruin” my day.

I’m so happy that I am learning to master the art of Being In The Moment.

I’ve spent today being fascinated by the roll of the waves, the patterns of clouds in the sky, and the calm bliss of a sheltered room.

I also managed to make it out to a local thrift shop between squalls and scored a killer vacuum at an awesome price!

For me, that is part of being in the now. Going with the flow. Letting “what is” present new opportunities I could not even have imagined.

I could have spent the day sulking. I could have, but it would have been a day of my life wasted, a day I could never get back.

I chose to enjoy all the other options the day held, and I continue to choose to enjoy whatever else it brings.

Maybe I’ll go for a bike ride tomorrow. Maybe I won’t.

The beach isn’t going anywhere. I’ll be back. And I’m taking all the yumminess of every single moment of Being right back home with me!

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