Intention EASE

I dragged myself out of bed this morning. It’s better than it used to be, but sometimes I still have one of those “non-restorative sleep” nights. Doctors, family, and friends have suggested fibromyalgia, but denial works better for me. I have enough labels already, thank you! Anyway, I was still dragging around when the time came for Intentioning at 10 a.m. (Intentioning is one way we can connect with ourselves, each other, and the Universe. It really is a delicious way to start the day!) When I slow down, I get a lot of messages from the Universe. This morning was no exception. I’m sharing it here because there is something in it for anyone who would like more EASE in life. As I stood in the kitchen, I focused in on the students who belong in upcoming classes. Normally, I send a lot of energy into everything I do. This morning, I didn’t have any to spare. I got the message to relax & observe. As I ‘watched,’ I could feel the energy expanding around me. It kept growing and getting more solid. The sense of something taking shape was very tangible. It actually felt like my body got bigger. There was no effort or energy expenditure on my part. The expansion around my head and heart were especially noticeable. Then the word message started. “You’re trying to do things the old way.” Oops! I knew immediately where to look. I flipped open a manual from Coach for Life and found the paradigms: The old way: To Do

  1. Assess (where am I now?)
  2. Set goals (what do I want?)
  3. Use proven success strategies
  4. Determine next steps
  5. Do it/Take action
  6. Enjoy my success
  7. Recommit

The new way: Ta Da!

  1. Current reality (my beliefs create my reality)
  2. Intentioning (Universal laws of attraction & intention)
  3. Re-align belief & energy (Resolve)
  4. Open to guidance
  5. Trust, wait, act only on guidance
  6. Celebrate! (Gratitude & Appreciation are attractive!)
  7. Connect & be filled
  8. Clarify intention

(I added To Do and Ta Da, otherwise, full credit goes to CFL.) Western society is heavily ingrained with the To Do way of living. That lifestyle demands a huge amount of energy expenditure. I know the Ta Da way of being. It has supported me for the last few years in a manner that is far above my financial status. But, I am still learning, right along with everyone else. I highlighted the step that I miss the most. I’ve always been open to guidance on some level, and I’m aware that I have enjoyed much more access to it than most people experience. That’s a topic for another day. Sometimes the only thing that really needs to be done is TRUST & WAIT. The better I get at it, the faster the guidance comes. This morning was a great example. I don’t need to go out and beat every bush to fill the upcoming classes. I only need to touch the lives that guidance tells me to. Trust, Wait, Act Only on Guidance… Ahhhhh! That feels better!


  1. Beautiful Joanna. I’m so honored and blessed, and inspired by the BELIEVE U team, to know there are people out there who share my vision and are working with passion and heart towards it fills me with gratitude.. Here’s to trust, guidance, and knowing.

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