You are your best expert

You're the only one who has been here the whole time. During the Self-Discovery Foundation Process you'll experience a whole new way to access your innate wisdom using time-tested processes. With ongoing coaching, that wisdom is applied to increasing capacity throughout your organization.

Enjoying the Journey

Remember that mountain you've always wanted to climb? Whatever the need of your heart or your organization, you will be supported in achieving every goal you hold in awareness and intention.

Expanding capacity is easy and FUN!

We'll use proven discovery processes to explore, experience, and deeply saturate your consciousness with your innate magnificence. Your renewed confidence will easily spread through your organization, igniting creative processes to increase capacity in all areas.

Access your innate brilliance

When was the last time you really heard your own brilliance come to life? Certified Life Coach, Joanna Davis, listens deeply to what is said and unsaid to capture your magnificence and put it to work for you and the organization that ignites your passion.

Coaching is a breath of fresh air

We focus on the positive and on what is working to create more that is positive and working. In a world of criticism, coaching provides a safe, sacred space where you can explore and never do it "wrong." Together, we find what is working for you and the cause you support.

Every nonprofit has the same concern, "How can we build increased capacity?" It is a never ending issue. Not enough money, time, resources. Not enough of you to go around.

You do not have to overcome these challenges alone. Joanna Davis is here to support you in discovering and creating the increased capacity that your organization requires to thrive. Joanna will facilitate the discovery of your deepest knowings of how to facilitate maximum growth in support of your cause. You know your organization better than anyone else. This is your passion and call in life. Whatever your organization's need for change, Joanna has the capacity to facilitate finding and implementing the solutions. There is a beautiful bonus to working with Joanna; one of her talents is making those changes easy and fun!

Supporting Nonprofit Executives to live their passions and grow their organizations

With over 200 hours of Coach-Specific training, Joanna Davis is a highly qualified Executive Coach who relishes working with those who are passionate about creating positive, lasting change in the world. This is why Joanna chose to work with the nonprofit sector; nonprofit executives live their passions and play for the love of the game. If you are a highly motivated NPO executive, Joanna would love to support you in overcoming the challenges facing your organization, creating a culture with stamina to support your cause, while increasing your enjoyment of life and your capacity to serve. Call 407-280-1636 to schedule your consultation today.