You are your best expert

You're the only one who has been here the whole time. During the Self-Discovery Foundation Process you'll experience a whole new way to access your innate wisdom using time-tested processes. With ongoing coaching, that wisdom is applied to increase your congruence with your Sacred Self, your passions, purpose, innate gifts & talents, and Divine mission.

Enjoying the Journey

Remember that mountain you've always wanted to climb? Whatever the need of your body, mind, emotions, and spirit, you will be supported in achieving every goal you hold in awareness and intention.

Expanding capacity is easy and FUN!

We'll use proven discovery processes to explore, experience, and deeply saturate your consciousness with your innate magnificence. Your renewed confidence will easily spread throughout your life and inspire those you come in contact with, igniting creative processes to increase capacity in all areas.

Access your innate brilliance

When was the last time you really heard your own brilliance come to life? Certified Life Coach, Joanna Davis, listens deeply to what is said and unsaid to capture your magnificence and put it to work for you in a way that empowers you and brings your passions to life.

Coaching is a breath of fresh air

Together we focus on the positive and on what is working to create more that is positive and working. In a world of criticism, coaching provides a safe, sacred space where you can explore and never do it "wrong." Joanna helps you find what is working for you and provides ongoing support with to empower you with ease & JOY!

Do you have a to-do list that is never done, struggle with not enough money, time, and resources? Do you feel like there is simply not enough of you to go around? If you answered yes, I can guarantee with 99.9% accuracy that you are not living in congruence.

Congruence means that you are aligned with your reason for being; you are living in accord with your own beliefs, not by a set of hand-me-down beliefs imposed by others; you know and live your own mission, and are able to easily bypass distractions. Congruence means all parts of you are in alignment; your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects are consistent with each other.

Manifesting a MAGNIFICENT life begins in Congruence with your Sacred Self

With over 200 hours of Coach-Specific training, Joanna Davis is highly qualified to work with those who are passionate about creating positive, lasting change in the world. If you are highly motivated to Manifest and Create a life you are excited to live into, Joanna would love to support you as you overcome the challenges you face, create an internal and external culture that supports you, while increasing your enjoyment of life and your capacity to serve. Call 407-280-1636 to schedule your consultation today.